Hauled It: Paul & Joe Self Select Eye Shadow Swatches, Free Gift, and a rant

The last time I was at a Paul & Joe counter, I wrote about how the SA shadowed my every step until I gave in a purchased all the items she wanted me to.  This time, I was in the same store (Fenwicks, London) but the staff were new and they totally different.

I was excited, so excited about going to a Paul & Joe counter to pick some Select Eyeshadows for a palette.  I am mad for custom palettes you see!  When I got to the counter it was empty, and I was looking forward to having some advice from SA.

Paul Joe Eye Colour Palette Select Eyeshadows

This is what I hauled. See, I still hauled?!


The compact (which you buy separately):

Paul Joe Self Select Eye Colours Palette Eyeshadow

The palette open:

Paul Joe Select Eye Colour Palette eyeshadow

Back to the SA.  She was so moody. So indifferent.  Had to rolled her eyes any more I would’ve thought she had been possessed by a demon.

Me “What colours would you recommend for quite a smoky palette?”

SA “Anything”.

Me “What colours are your bestsellers?”

SA “All of them”

After 15 Minutes of playing I knew there was no chance miss sulky pants would do me a quick eye make over so I just quickly picked 3 shades.  I didn’t exactly go with logic – a neutral shade, and two smoky shades.  It probably took so long because despite the range of colours, nothing was that eye catching.

Paul Joe Self Select Eye Shadow

The neutral is a very neutral all over the lid beige with a light subtle shimmer. The blue is a sparkly deep navy and black is a rich matte black. I picked one from each texture – pearl, shine and matte *

“What different textures have you got?”


In the palette:

Paul Joe Self Select Eyeshadow 1

There are 25 shades to choose from.

Swatches:Paul Joe Self Select Eyeshadow

Oh well, the nude and black are highly useful and I wanted to pick one fun shade (the navy!). The texture is nice, creamy and pigmented. No complaints but I’m not dying here of excitement.

The texture is fine, creamy and pigmented, not hte best I’ve ever had but still very good.

The prices are quite frankly, far too steep.

I paid £12 each per eyeshadow. The eyeshadows are tiny,  smaller than the old shadows and have no packaging with them at all (they are in fragile plastic and need to be in proper casing).

The case for a Trio is £8.  So the total I paid for a 3 shadow palette is £44!  That’s a lot of money, it’s steeper than a Chanel, Dior or YSL Quad/Quint.  I could understand the price point for a brand like, say, Suqqu – something with an extra bit of luxury but not Paul & Joe which is more ‘cute’.

For that reason, I like my palette but I will not be purchasing another one for that steep price – plus, I don’t think it’s a great sign that it took me so long to choose my shades.  I am quite instinctive with colours and a range with stunners leaves me spoilt for choice – with the P&J I wasn’t blown away with any colour, I just went for what I felt was wearable.

Anyway there is a blessing in all of this – I got a free gift! Actually it was a bit cheeky, because there was a choice of this small bag or the bigger one (I had spent enough) but naturally Miss Friendly didn’t let me choose:Paul Joe Whale Free gift bag

In hindsight this is not so great – the bag has ZERO stretch so you really can’t squeeze that last lipgloss in! Gah!

Verdict: Too expensive for what it is, but it sure is pretty.

*I purchased these items

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  1. says

    The sales assistants sounds terrible! It’s so annoying that people like that can have a job on a make-up counter when I’m refused all the time because of no sales experience. I’d be much better than her!
    They are nice colours but if I am going to pay that much I would go somewhere else I think.

  2. Jen says

    I really don’t get it when sales assistants are rude/unfriendly/ignore customers, especially in more “prestige” shops, where surely they are commission-based? I would have thought the more they can sell, the better for them. I would have been so peed off I would have just had to have walked out of the shop! Very cute Paul & Joe products though! Love the eyeshadow case, and the whale makeup pouch is super-cute, even if non-stretch lol

  3. Jane says

    Wow, from what you had to suffer, I would definitely have asked to speak to a manager. (or, I don’t know, just scream ‘what’s wrong with you?!’ in the middle of the shop if such Q&A went on for 5 mins longer!)
    I know SAs are only human and are entitled to have off-days but what’s with all her answers that doesn’t actually answer anything?
    It’s going past the point of being not helpful to actively dissuading you to make a purchase!
    But I must say, love the pouch; notwithstanding the practicality, it’s such a cute and summery pouch that brightens up a rainy summer day like today!

  4. PEnoirz says

    Wow i must have been really lucky with me SAs at Fenwicks -recently had a nice American (I think) and a lovely chatty redheaded lady – both of whom were a pleasure.
    The worst encounters I’ve had have been SPACENK – had a terrible visit to London’s Broadwick St store. UTTER SNEERING BITCHINESS (the men AND the women) – I have vowed NEVER to set foot in one of their stores again. I’d laugh if they went under due to poor sales as a direct result of their terrible SAs but I can but dream
    ON a sidenote, I picked up LOADS of Paul&Joe goodies at..wait for it…TKMAXX!!!!!!! my friend told me she had never seen me so excited (and we have known each other for 20yrs).. I may have a problem

  5. says

    If I were you, I would just walk out of the shop with some pissed attitude of mine… The sales assistant was so rude!! I don’t find the shadows unique though..Sorry. :)