Hauled it! Nars The Multiple Tint in Turks & Caicos, Cadaques

I totally resisted the Nars Multiple Tints because when I originally swatched them I thought they looked a bit glossy.

However I was hearing so many good things about them (especially Turks & Caicos, the bold orange) that I went back for another look (that, and the fact that I collect Nars!). These Multiple Tints are Limited Edition and there are (were) three shades;

Turks & Caicos – Bright Orange

Beverly Hills – Bright Red

Cadaqués – Bright Fuchsia

Since I am going on holiday and these are multi use, I decided to go or Turks & Caicos and Cadaques:


I was lucky to snap these up because they have pretty much sold out in most spots.

They say:

The NARS Multiple Tint provides sheer, buildable color. The multi-purpose tool can be worn alone for flush cheeks or stained lips. For a bolder effect it can be layered with other NARS face and lip products.

Nice packaging – makes it easy for me to tell which is which (as long as I don’t mix up the lids!).


One thing I do like about these is that they are water based – they feel less heavy on the skin that the traditional multiples and they eventually set, leaving a bolder finish what is dewy, not greasy.
Turks & Caicos and Cadaques:


Very Important: These are water based so you must click the lid back on otherwise it will dry out.

Also, with multiples you CANNOT swivel the whole thing out because once it clicks at the base it will not go back down. I learnt this the hard way.

One layer of the Multiple Tints:


Quite sheer but it definitely shows up, and it can be layered. Also nice for the lips I think – ok, ok I like! Also I have yet to finish a multiple so these will last FOR-EVER. Which is good because they are expensive, at £27 each but I reckon were talking a years, possibly years of loving.

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