Hauled It: My New Beauty Case!

Alright – so I shouldn’t be buying more make up storage, I should be downsizing but its a hard job!

I have 2 ikea cabinets, a large pink cabinet, three large plastic drawers for skincare samples, a Japonesque make up trolley then about 5-6 make up bags with my day to day bits and pieces.

Well…I’m sick to death of having so many bags to rummage through in the mornings – in the end I give up and just use a bit of concealer and lip gloss so after much searching – through Ikea and Argos catalogues, in B&Q, in Muji, in Craft stores I found this rather fab Beauty Box!

Beauty case.jpg

Most beauty boxes I don’t like because they smell of funny rubber (ok this one might smell too) and they don’t have enough compartments – the storage areas are too deep, therefore I still end up stacking things one top of each other.

I do really like Screenface and Shu Uemura Beauty make up cases, but at around £260 and £300 respectively, its just too expensive for me.

This case has 4 Cantilever trays and 3 pull out drawers – it looks big but not massive (I didn’t want another filing cabinet) and it has wheels!

Paid £80 for this including shipping.

What do you think?!

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  1. says

    OMG I love this waste can I buy that one at too, thats agreat price.im like you tons n tons of makeu p n need more place to organize it n as well fast to get to

  2. Tank says

    OMG this is just what i am looking for!!! what make is it please? Have looked on ebay and cant see anything like this :)