Hauled it: Etude House Welcome to Wonder Lip Land Palette

I am not a fan of lip palettes at all but I couldn’t resist this beauty. The hazards of browsing online stores aimlessly….

Etude House’s Welcome to Wonder Lip Land (there’s also a shadow version):


It’s smaller overall than I expected but it’s still a pretty little thing. The lid is highly reflective making fingerprint marks appear everywhere…hmph!

It looks like Alice in Wonderland, doesn’t it?

Anyway I haven’t used this yet, am preserving it but it’s basically a mixture of 16 lip colous and 6 glosses. Better get a lip brush ready.

I am in love with the middle row of lilac and pinks. Hopefully this will be my go to palette in the mornings or maybe I can even mix them up!


Do you like lip palettes or find them a waste of time?

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  1. hay hun this is so cute, where is it from? many thanks louise xoxo

  2. Love the packaging and colours, but I don’t particularly like lip palettes because of the hassle of having to apply it with a brush, which is why I had to exchange my MAC A Tartan Tale lip palette (gorgeous as it was to look at!) as I figured it would never get used and would go mouldy!

  3. i only tried a lip palette like this when i was young xD. but didnt like it haha

  4. Tiffany says:

    Such adorable packaging, but i don’t love lip palletes.
    Are you going to haul the Miss Tangerine collection? 😀

  5. Love love love this palette! Kiss from an italy fan! ^_^

  6. thanks row will check it out xoxo

  7. Seriously, I’m not keen on lip palettes but my oh my I love all the colours in this and it’s made me think again. x