Hauled It: Enkore Handmade Make Up Brush Roll!

I recently won some Trish McEvoy brushes on eBay and I was so happy with them I decided they needed a special home!

I looked everywhere for a brush roll – I wanted something in cloth, that looked great with lots of space and was wide enough for make up brushes.

Sometimes brush rolls made for art supplies are too narrow for chunky blusher and powder brushes!

Would you believe I ended up on Enkore’s online shop? Here is Enkore if you don’t know him! He makes YouTube Videos of course:

Enkore IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show) London 2010 Pictures, Review & Round Up | Cosmetic Candy.jpg

In the end I chose a leopard print brush roll. It was about $28 with shipping and took about 9 days to arrive from the US.

It comes nicely packaged in a bit of tissue paper:

Enkore Make Up brush Roll.jpg

This is the regular brush roll (there is also a covered one which has a flap that covers the brush heads).

What I like about this brush roll is that it is made with really tough canvas material – the sort of fabric you would use to upholster a chair, so you can image its pretty tough.

Enkore Make Up Brush Roll-1.jpg

There’s 12 pockets in total, 6 at 1.5 inches and 6 at 1 inch. Its wider than a lot of premade brush rolls so I can get even blusher and powder brushes in and of course double up where necessary.

Enkore also has a few other designs to choose from – I don’t know why I was just feeling the cheetah print!

Enkore Make Up Brush Roll-3.jpg

Mmm what else? Its just a nice, well made handmade brush roll really, and the price is quite good for something that’s not mass produced.

Obviously something made in PVC or Leather will be wipeable whereas fabric can stain – also you can’t wear this around the waist or anything like that (that reminds me, I have a brush roll you can wear around the waist…somewhere).

Enkore Make Up Brush Roll-2.jpg

Overall, worth a look if you are in the market for a new brush roll.

I am just using this for travels and for my best brushes, mind you seeing as I have so many.

Enkore’s website and my brush roll is here.

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