Haulage Pics & Thoughts

So over the last week since I’ve been away I’ve had random haulage…I might have posted these before. My brain it like batter at the moment so if I have posted 3 year old lipstick forgive me. But as far as I remember this stuff is new. Yes, they are still boxed. But then again I have a box for boxed stuff. Nevertheless:

Paul and Joe Stuff:

This is the LE Pressed Powder from 2007 but they are still selling it on HQ hair. It was £25.00 but I really just liked the pattern on the front, although I am too scared to use it incase it brushes off, in which case it is no longer special, just a powder.

Its a light, whitish powder that is transparent but better on light – medium skins as I do detect a little chalkyness, and there is a light shimmer which I love on the skin.

Since the old range of P & J Lipsticks will be discontinued I bought two lipsticks. I had to get Pamplemousse, because I just love the world Pamplemousse, no idea about the shade…yes, it looked rost and wearable to me. They are also creamy but sheer at the same time, a lovely non-drying texture.

Nars Haulage:

Surprisingly enough, 2008 Shanghai Lilly collection does Nada for me (except Orgasm Multiple) and I’m getting sick of wearing nudes on the lips and looking like a corpse, so hopefully my obsession with pricey Nars will be over soon.

Untill then, one can never have enough Nars blushes. I got Desire, a matte candy pink, Sin, a wearable rosy-brown and Gina, a hot orange (I love oranges) but it seemed like a better choice over Taj Mahal which is a BRIGHT tangerine, because although I love it, it makes many people look tangoed.

I have been wanting Cleo duo forever, but now I have it, I am disappointed. It is grainer than I remembered from the tester. The star is the darker side, which is a bluey-petrol-grey colour but I am really disappointed with the texture. Its a press, not blend shadow, you know what I mean?

I think I have a bond with multiples because The Multiple in Palm Beach is one of the few things I have ever finished.

Apart from Palm Beach I have never owned the other shades. A bit pink aren’t they? I could do with a South Beach, methinks, or even a Mustique which is a peachy-bronzey-brown.

I was randomly Ebaying and spotted this cute MAC Lipbalm:

I know, its old news, but it will keep me going untill my Paul & Joe Disney Collection Face Powder is here next week!

I also don’t mind using this products, since it will last for ages, and I can always refill it with my own lip balm formula.

In the same vein of old news, I snapped up Wondergrass, from the C-Shock collection:

Sometimes, MAC releases so much it is impossible to keep up, so certain things just pass be by. I considered a lot which had all the C-Shock colours but was informed by MUAers that only a few of the colours are worth bothering with, and Wondergrass is one of them.

Shisiedo Haulage:

I forget how good Shiseido is sometimes, but just today I used some cream shadow from R***el and it creased in half an hour. I don’t even have oily lids? Shiseido does not crease on me, ever.

I got three shades from the upcoming collection (missing Clover Dew, a light green) and Glistening Sands, since I am missing that one (and Bare Pink) from my collection.

Finally! Shu Uemura, 2008 Rebirth:

I only bought the Crayon and Nail polish (asia colour I think). The polish is divine, and the eye pencil is….tiny. I mean TINY. Far too small for £20, I can tell you. The whole thing mushed together wouldn’t equal half a shadestick, I mean really. Plus the colours are sheer – its like a MAC Shadestick on a cold morning. Not pleased with that one at all.

What about you? What have you bought recently?

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  1. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says:

    those shiseido hydro powder shadows look pretty! i can’t wait to check out those new colours…the last time i went to sephora they didn’t have them yet.

    btw, i noticed you like a lot of japanese brands. do you have any eyeshadows/lipstuff/skincare that you’d recommend? The reason i ask is because my bf is going to Tokyo soon, and I want him to get some stuff for me. however i don’t know what is good there…
    right now i have in mind some majorlica majorca quads and the honey pump gloss. What do you think of their products?

  2. Nice haul!

  3. Nice haul! I have Wondergrass and it’s indeed one of my favorite eyeshadows!

  4. Wowza, you went panic shopping girl? Looks like you’ve been really busy, thanks for the post. Nice to see a collection of different brands, nice change from MAC-this MAC-that.

  5. Hey Blu3!!

    Oh there are so many things I could recommend, is there something in particular (skincare cream, a lipgloss etc. you want to know about?)

    Let’s see – of the top of my head, I LOVE Lavshuca for Quads (the colour select range) That looks like a flower, all of the colours are amazing.

    Oh and Lavshuca Eye Jellies, Sv1 is nice GD1, BR1…

    Jill Stuart is really nice, I like the Eye Jellies the most.

    Email me if ya like :)

    MJ is nice, I have ordered the new quad in green, but….to be honest, if I could choose, I would choose a Lavshuca Quad over MJ? Oh Visee is gorgeous too! There’s so much! :)

  6. Kiukiu – Thanks love!

    Vanessa – I am going to use wondergrass today! I am a sucker for greens.

    Lea – hehehe your right! I have to stop though, I am going to chill out now and review things I already have (cos there’s a lot!) I like a bit of MAC but I am not a MACaholic…there are ladies who know much more about the brand than me, anyhow!

  7. sweet haul rows!

    I always get tempted when you start posting pics of multiplies!

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