Mmmm Bacon Bagels. But I digress.

Yesterday was a crazy haul day – for beauty and for clothes. It’s funny how problematic buying clothes online really is. On one hand I like it, because I can see everything in front of me – have you seen how busy some of the shops get? But then again you will never know how something fits until you try it on. I’m returned about 20% of the clothes I ordered which is not bad but then there’s the hassle of sending it back and waiting for a refund…ho hum.

Onwards with haulage pics! I will br-br-br-break it down soon, so check back for reviews and swatches!

Anatomicals Paw Cream and Foot Cream:

Lavshuca LE Gift Sets

Read on! There are too many pics….
Naturatint Dye:

Cle de peau shadow (my first one!) in no 17:

T’estimo Black Eyeliner (tried it, more of a metallic gunmetal):

Lavshuca Eye Crayon Shadows, in Black and Gold:

Nars Hydrating Lotion:

NYX Round Lipglosses:

Three NYX round lipsticks:

Ciate Nail Polish gift set – unfortunately not for moi:

Shu MIKA Palette:

Shu Hair products:

RMK Christmas Palette:

I also got the Lipgloss in 09. White with pink highlights its STUNNING and I don’t have anything else like it:

Free gifts!:

There is the goodie box in RMK, which I probably already have half off but I managed to find these goodies, a bright pink gloss, super cute and a mascara in Blue! (there was also golden brown, red and purple – my next choice would have been red);

Mandypandy, are you ready for this?

LE Quad in Precious Shimmers. The spotty square rubs away to reveal a sparkly black. But I ain’t ever touching that square!

Shine Indertint Lipstick – Rose Shine. They said this is LE but it looks to me like the packaging is LE not the product itself? The case is soooooo stunning – old school glamour:

It’s a stunning texture – the only one by a western brand that stands up to the Japanese style lipsticks I think.

I have no idea why I got this as I’m not a body shimmer kind of gal but the promise of Pandy wetting her pants was enough:


So the lady didn’t have the LE Shine Lipstick in Nude Shine left. How I lamented. Oh what the hell she says, have the tester! She gave it a wipe and gave me a lid for it too! Score!

She also nicked a clutch bag from the lancome counter for me:

I also got a huge box of stuff (which when broken down wasn’t that much stuff! I got some jewellery and a cush for my tush which is probably why the box was so big):

MUGU Trio of Trios

Shopping99 have a slightly more upmarket brand called Cinderella:

Duo Lipgloses and Concealers – very pretty.

Brow Kit:

So far I am loving the Cinderella range.

Just for fun hauls:

Mini jumper for a new baby in my family. This is soooooo cute it’s unreal. In real life its tiny as its for a 3 monther, and made out of very fine knit wool:

Hello Kitty Cameo Brooch:

I actually got a new winter coat:

It’s from Bravissimo and the coat is cut for fuller chests. It looks good in the purple but I’ve decided I have to send it back. It cost £115, which isn’t cheap, but its such bad quality. The wool is a lightweight, horrible blend mix, the lining is super cheap polyester that feels scratchy. I wanted a big winter coat that sort of envelops you and keeps you feeling cosy, but this is a bit too short (thigh length) and not substantial at all. For £50 I would keep it but at twice the price, I’d rather squeeze my chi-chis a bit and get a better quality coat for less. Shame on you Bravissimo-there is no way on earth you would have made this coat and thought, wow – what amazing quality! And charging over £100? No chance.

Finally after all that:

MR Scruff Mint & Chilli Tea. I quite like it, the boyfriend hates it but men (straight men anyway) never are big herbal tea drinkers.

I’m tired. Are you tired after that?!?  I will go into everything in more detail next week!

It’s my birthday next week! My birthday!  Did I tell you it’s my birthday!

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  1. Li says

    I think RMK Lipgloss O9 might actually be perfect. It makes me want to cry :’) Having trouble finding it online do you have any suggestions?

  2. Row says

    Hey Blu!

    Hope to report on them soon! I am dying to try the CPD it looks so stunning! But really expensive.

  3. Row says

    Hey Li!

    I checked and they have it on Ichibankao! 09 is quite a rare one isn’t it? I noticed that more are going missing I think they will be changing the glosses to a new texture and packaging soon.

    I LOVEEEE 09 it’s such a hidden gem and not like anything else I’ve got.

  4. Row says

    Hey Zereen

    Oh yes, they are very beautiful to use. The smell, the texuture – I have about 5 products from the range and they do make my hair look glossy-asiany-soft (how it should be, before I put lots of dye in it!). It’s not cheap but I prefer it over Aveda hair products that cost around the same :)

  5. Li says

    Oh my gosh, you’re a star, although I’ll probably put a few extra things in the basket now – naturally 😀

  6. cargolover says

    I love the Shu hair range! Still need to try the conditioner though cuz it was £27 and at the time I couldn’t bring myself to buy it since I was already buying the shampoo and the silk oil. I have to say I’m very impressed with it – and the silk oil smells DIVINE.I became obsessed with it at one point…I actually ordered Shiseido camelia perfume samples hoping I would find something like it.No luck!!

  7. Kiyo says

    Hey Row~ I read your entry about Shopping99, and saw that you got a nice haul from them in this entry! <3
    I’ve been wanting to order from them, but I’ve been hesitant considering I don’t understand anything on the site D;
    Was there a way that you ordered from them that could possibly help me understand how to? :]

  8. Row says

    Hey Cargolover

    Oh my god its such a gorgeous hair range isn’t it? Stunning! But yeah the shampoo and conditioner prices made me choke – I was my hair everyday! I can’t spend £200 a month on Shampoo and Conditioner!!!

  9. Row says

    Hey Kiyo!

    I know! the website is a complete and utter nightmare. I actually got a second haul from them but have no time to post about it.

    Promise that I will get that up and I will also do a step by step tutorial this weekend for you! Because its really hard to understand! thanks for commenting

  10. Kiyo says

    Oh I would totally appreciate that so much!
    But happy hauling!
    Holiday season sales are coming soon~