Haul: Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes Mercury Rising Eyeshadows

I wanted these two babies the first time I laid my eyes on them!

Visee Japan’s latest offering is these snazzily cased Brilliance Forming Eyes.

I like Visee eyeshadows – don’t love. These two are extremely cute:

Visee Mercury Duo Eyeshadows.jpg

The one in the blue case is A-6 and the pink eyeshadow is A-7.

The pattern engrained on the top of the eyeshadows is cute…but not, I-musn’t-touch pretty which is a good thing otherwise this would be sat in my bottom drawer….forever…..

The A-6 palette is my favourite with a cream base (they both have a sheer but slightly chunky glittery eye base), a green blue, beige and dark grey. A-7 has a grey, light grey and dark blue black.

Visee Mercury Rising Eyeshadow Duos.jpg

I am impressed with both of these eyeshadows – both pretty combinations and how pigmented they are. They aren’t colours that are that unique to my collection but if you don’t have them already, its a nice addition…


Visee Mercury Rising Eyeshadow Duo.jpg

Weirdly enough I don’t feel very moved by Japanese launches this season. Kate, Lavshuca etc. I want more! I want more boundaries broken!


Visee Eyeshadows Mercury Duo .jpg

I bought these from adambeauty.com, they were soooooooooo delayed because of the Volcanic Ash! Can’t remember how much but still in stock at the moment.

What do you think of these palettes?

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