Haul: Revlon Matte Collection!

Revlon Matte hit the UK shores not too long ago and I decided to take advantage of the £2 off the range making the eyeshadows just a little ocer £3 and the lipsticks around £5. There are also blushers and kohl liners in the range.

I bought 5 items:


Eyeshadows in: Vintage Lace (white), Venetian Blue (bright blue) and Rivera Blue (dark smokey blue).

Lipstick in: Nude attitude and Really Red



Look – I am still not 100% on entirely matte eyeshadows – I think they work well as a base but I really do miss shimmer in my day to day shadows. These are not bad at all as far as mattes go.

The lipsticks:


First impressions- they are creamy and pigmented, no complaints. Boy does it hold on to the lips (the red would not come off) and isn’t too drying although though it isn’t exactly super moisturising either. But its certainly not bad for the price – the colour range is very safe, nothing extraordinary in there.

Probably won’t go back for anything else – I didn’t pick up any lemmings but will try a smokey look with the shadows and the nude lipstick soon.

Have you tried Revlon Matte? Do you like it?

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  1. says

    I’m too scared to try anything matte, like you, I prefer my shimmery shadows =) I really like the Venetian Blue, it would make a really nice base colour. I wouldn’t mind trying some of the matte blush though.

  2. Row says

    Hi Bunnie

    Me too – matte with some shimmer I can live with! i love matte blushes, so flattering its easy to go overboard with shimmer on the cheeks and end up emphasizing pores!

  3. says

    Bought the lime green eye shadow, that’s all. I really like it though. Not quite as pigmented as I’d hoped but still a very pretty colour :) I was eyeing up Nude Attitude though :)

    • Row says

      Hi Rebecca

      I noticed the lime too! its funny when u have matte shades like that that looks pigmented in the pot they just don’t quite resonate the way shimmers do. Nue attitude is nice, very pale tho :)