Haul & Review: My Beauty Diary Face Masks (Yoghurt for starter) Part 1

My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese beauty company that specialises in making sheet masks. Love that they specialise in one thing and do it well.

The brand is already big in Asia and there are various reviews over the net. I personally am really careful with what face masks I use sheet or traditional clay/cream types as I am prone to allergic reactions. My favourite is probably Nars’ Mud Mask and I do prefer clay/drying masks over sheet masks.

my beauty diary.jpg

Nevertheless, I tried out one of their bumper packs of sheet masks (its supposed to be Limited Edition and is called the ‘All In One Set’) so I could try out a selection (I have also previously tried their Chocolate Sheet mask which made my face itch).

Anyway – I will be working through this pack and will post a little review as I try each one.

my beauty diary mask-2.jpg

I have zero patience by the way so this could take a while – I don’t generally have time for face masks and I am always the one that feels like a snack after I’ve put the face mask on.

Look! It a compendium! Each mask is foil packed in its own sachet:

my beauty diary-1.jpg

The masks included:

# Aloe Mask 1 pc

# Natto Mask 1 pc

# Provence Lavender Mask 1 pc

# Yogurt Mask 1 pc

# Bulgarian White Rose Mask 1 pc

# Black Pearl Mask 1 pc

# Strawberry Yogurt Mask 1 pc

# Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask 1 pc

# Mixed Berries Mask 1 pc

# Cooling Mask 1 pc

# Red Vine Mask 1 pc

# Apple Polyphenol Mask 1 pc

# Sake Yeast Mask 1 pc

# Q10 Rejuvenating Mask 1 pc

# Pearl Powder Mask 1 pc

# Intensive Refining Eye Mask 1 pc

my beauty diary mask-1.jpg

Yoghurt just sounds soothing. They say:

Features: Reduces excessive sebum production, smoothes and moisturizes dehydrated skin.

This face mask contains Yogurt that nourishes skin deeply and maintains the healthy skin condition. It also contains Witch Hazel and Hyaluronic Acid for soothing, moisturizing and locking in the nature moisture of the skin.


It didn’t smell like Petits Filous which is very disappointing.

This mask felt cooling and hydrating – I left it on for 30 mins before realising I could open my mouth to eat but the mask wouldn’t stretch with it so off it came.

It was nice and hydrating, no allergies and overall, my skin felt softer. A nice one I think, if you have sensitive skin and want something soothing – I have no complaints with yoghurt.

I think the taster set is a great idea too, before investing in a whole box of one type of mask (as I did with the Chocolate mask – grrrr).

You can get this from eBay, I paid £18 including shipping from seller, Alpha Beauty.

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  1. says

    Looking forward to reading your reviews. I am in the midst of trying out the different “flavours” as well and I am pretty happy with these masks. By the way, I really like your blog!

  2. diskogal says

    That’s very cute!! I love masks, esp. clay ones !! No idea if they do anything for me, but I love wandering around in my house with a bright green face!
    I think I might buy this just for the cute rainbow-y sachets and because I like feeling like a snack (you are such a bad influence!)

  3. says

    Glad to hear one of it worked for your skin type :] Hmm makes me want to get it. All the boxes that I got with different variations to try out never had the yoghurt one in it and that’s the one I wanted to try most! Sheet masks are type consuming, but they feel so nice IMO ^__^