Haul & Review: Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick

Apart from buying the Art Deco Palette from Armani, I also picked up a new lipstick from the long lasting but hydrating range, the d’Armani.

d’Armani. You know someone, somewhere is called that.

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The annoying thing is that I went in for a sparkly red. I tried on many reds and hot pinks, thanks to the very patient SA at Armani but none of them felt right. Some where stunning but I mean, how often was I really going to wear a deep, apple red? Not very.

In the end I went for a nude. How boring! I know! But the d’Armani satin lipstick is £22 and I wanted something I could wear every day:

giorgio armani rouge d_armani.jpg

The packaging is nice – not stunning, but nice. Its a heavy black case with a magnet that pulls the lid and base together. The Armani logo is on the case…its not as distinctive as I thought. Anyway, packaging is fine, I do wish it was a bit more jangly for the price.

(The limited edition Art Deco lipsticks have crystals on them but are a whopping £30 each).

armani lipstick d_armani.jpg

I chose shade 103 which is a nude but with a pink edge. The colour range began at 100 what was a very beige, slightly ‘dead’ colour so I opted for a bit more warmth.
The colour range is still quite small – from what I saw there were a few nudes, strong bold reds, plums, pinks – there would only be a small fraction from that palette I would happily drop £22 for.

armani rouge d_armani.jpg

It looks like it would be opaque and pigmented but this particular shade isn’t. Its medium pigmented and very glossy. Totally wearable, more wearable than the nudes in the YSL Rouge Volupte range.

However the stronger shades in the d’Armani range are totally pigmented.

Armani Rouge d_armani-1.jpg


rouge d_armani.jpg

So what do I think?

Once again the price – ouch! The packaging – Meh!

But the lipstick itself is just gorgeous. The texture is beautiful and its just so comfortable to wear – no dryness at all. Pretty. Soft.

But is it long lasting? Erm. Its not bad. Without eating and drinking (hard, I tell ya!) it lasted about 4 hours. With drinking it only lasts a bit longer than an average gloss. There’s no staining on the lip. Now – if I had bought stronger colour I am sure it would stay put for longer but in this nude, no – I didn’t notice that much more durability than your average glossy lipstick.

On the lips:

d_armani lipstick .jpg

Ahh its lovely. I am glad I have it as it will go with everything, but for now, there are no other colours from the d’Armani range I want – but I will wait with baited breath for some more new, natural, peachy shades to arrive to the range.


Emporio armani d_armani.jpg
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