Haul & Review: Benefit That Gal Primer for Brighter Skin!

You know how you have a hit list of products, things that you’ve wanted to buy and try for a while but they’re things you put off buying until crack?

Well That Gal, a primer from Benefit is one of those items for me. I’ve always thought that it was mega cute and I love the idea of glowy luminous skin, so here it is:

that gal benefit.jpg

Inside the packaging (is that New York?) is a little tube of iridescent pink primer. Its for brightening the skin to be used under foundation. Now – in my dreams I have found the dream primer that:

1. Covers Pores

2. Evens the Skintone

3. Brightens the skin

4. Improves adhesion

5. Smooths the skin

that gal benefit primer.jpg

In reality I have found primers that have done each job quite well, but not one that does it all.

They say: Twist the base until the That Gal Primer is distributed on the top. Apply with fingertips onto the face. Blend this silky pink primer in an even, upward motion. Wear alone, or under make-up for smoother make-up application. Gently pat on during the day to re-brighten your complexion.

Here is the dispenser:

benefit primer that gal.jpg

I’m not sure why it needs to be like this, as opposed to a pump, but it’ll do and its cute I guess. A bit easy to pump out too much product though.Out it comes – and its a light, slightly hydrating pale pink. It works on my skintone, I can’t say for much darker skins:

benefit that gal primer.jpg

The product – I am sure there is no glitter in this so I am guessing the gold sparkles were on my finger from the other 1002323482 products I had been swatching earlier:

that gal primer.jpg

On the skin, it leaves a natural, glowy look:

that gal primer-1.jpg


This is a rather good brightening product – I don’t know if it counts as a primer for me, because I really think a primer should improve the durability of your foundation. Whilst this makes your skin look alive, I don’t think it made my base stay on much longer than usual.

SO – if you want a natural, glowy skin, this is the product. If you want more benefits, like durability and covering of pores, this is not the one. It also smells like Gerberas.

Also there is one major problem I have with this. The price. Its £19.50 for 11 grams of product (as the Boots website puts it).

I would happily pay £19.50 or more for a good primer but for 11 grams? You know they only convert it to grams when they’ve given you a pitiful amount.

(According to an online convertor 11 grams is around 11 mls! This is exactly why I have been putting off buying it – other brands give you at least 30mls for around the same price).

Moan, moan, moan……

You can get it here or in various department stores.

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