Haul: Pick and Mix MAC Eyeshadows!

A good month ago, I had a little freak out and decided to buy 12 random MAC eyeshadows. I asked the lady on the phone to read some names out over the phone and I picked some that sounded good.

Yes I really did this. What it is, I bought a cute 12 pan empty palette from eBay (seller: Celia_makeup) – I like it cos its smaller than the normal MAC palette, and its easy to carry round.

Yes I bought shadows for the palette. It was a mental breakdown in the form of cosmetic shopping.

mac eye shadow .jpg

It arrived in the little black box, as they do and I haven’t touched it until now….which is a sign of pointless purchase, no?

Nevermind. I bought some MAC shadows people are forever using in tutorials and what not. Here they are in my palette:

mac eyeshadows in palette depotted.jpg

Bit of blue, bit of green, bit of black…a nice mix, no?

Here are the shadows in their pans. I am sure you mac-a-loonies have seen these all before but there the are again anyway…


mac eyeshadow vanilla.jpg

There must be something wrong with my vanilla shadow cos there’s not much pigment. Its really hard to get anything off the pan. Shame, as its the perfect neutral.

Black Tied:

mac eyeshadow black tied.jpg

Super silver glitter in black. Nice, nice. Surprisingly un-trannylike.


mac eyeshadow gesso.jpg

A matte white! I don’t think I own another plain matte white. Useful I guess.


mac eyeshadow carbon.jpg

A matte black – useful once again.

Deep Truth:

mac eyeshadow deep truth.jpg

A really pretty metallic blue. Like it!


mac eyeshadow plumage.jpg

Harder to wear than I thought it would be, but its ok.


mac eyeshadow electra.jpg

My kitty is called Electra which is why I bought this! A typical metallic silver.

Satin Taupe:

mac eyeshadow satin taupe.jpg

Everyone goes on about this, and yes, its nice.


mac eyeshadow in tilt.jpg

Something sort of old school about this – I used to buy shadows and liners in this kind of colour all the time. Its ok.


mac eyeshadow in steamy.jpg

A green shade with bits of blue in it – nice again. Not WOAH nice, but AHH nice.


mac eyeshadow bronze.jpg

It is what it says on the tin! Bronze!

Beauty Marked:

mac eyeshadow beauty marked.jpg

Dark plum with shimmers – very nice! I just wish I had other colours to go with it.

Did I miss any other MAC shadows worth buying? If so, which shades? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. liloo says

    I am so jealous. I want gesso, carbon and handwritten (brown) for christmas. So hard to find white, I wish revlon did on when they came out with their beautiful matte collection. High street wise, I only know of stargazer who does matte white but it’s pretty rubbish to be honest.
    You will love vanilla, it was very my first shadow from mac. Other than that, the only two shadows I owe from mac are ‘blanc type’ and a nice burgundy, which is perfect to add depth to crease when you do want to use black, the name escapes me right now, I can’t believe it. I’m carrying on typing, hoping the name will pop up but it doesn’t. Never mind. Enjoy your new shadows, they are sooooo pretty! Yay, it popped up, it’s called ‘sketch’.

  2. lizzclare says

    Nylon – shimmery champagne color great in the inner corner with satin taupe outer corner smudged together 😀

    Filament – silvery white highlight color nice over cheekbones and under brows.

    Brown down – nice warm mid/dark brown good for defining the crease over an all over vanilla lid

    Cranberry – if u have blue or green eyes be preprared for the pop.. yes i did just say that lol electra in the inner corner and cranberry over the rest of the lid with black tied blended on the outer v for a delish night time eye.