Haul: Paul & Joe Make Up at Fenwick, Scary, Scary Sales Assistants

Soooo, the weekend before my No Buy rule, I paid a visit to Fenwicks in London. I’ve never been in the store before and to be honest it reminded me of John Lewis’s circa 1988, when my Nan used to take me shopping for pop socks and navy leather handbags.

So I walked past the scary bits of the store, where the SA’s were a little full on, and round the corner was the glorious Shu Uemura and Paul & Joe! The Shu Uemura sale was abysmal, some old crusty powder and green lipsticks.

I was going to go to Harrods for sale Paul & Joe stuff, but I couldn’t face the trek hence this half arsed attempt at hauling some sale goods at Fenwicks. It was worth it – the Paul & Joe 50% sale was glorious!

My haul:


Unfortunately, Mr C stood next to me throughout the giddy experience, so I had to be restrained. Everything I bought here was 50% off so quite a good bargain as Paul & Joe at full price isn’t that cheap.

I am in love with the packaging, 100%.

I bought the nail polish remover – it’s a small bottle but it smells amazing and of course you can always top it up with cheap sh*t later:


I really have to do a cut now and paint the scene in Fenwicks.There I was, salivating, ready to haul, and the extremely pretty, cute Japanese SA comes over and starts talking to me about the products. This is fine, I let her talk, I ask a few questions then I say ok, I will just choose my shades now.

She will NOT leave me alone. She stares intently at me.

You know – I think she sort of inspired this.

So I skipped over to the bargain bucket area (still Paul & Joe stuff) to have a look and over she skips too explaining everything. Once again I say thanks and skip to another bargain bin to look at the skincare items.

Over she skips. “That’s a cleansing oil” she says…”Lovely cleansing oil”.

Mr C finds this hilarious. He doesn’t find it as hilarious when I tell her I’ll have this, this and that.

Anyway the eye colours. These are limited edition ones I think, because they have a gold lid, no the normal pink lids. The SA tells me these are “special” to Paul & Joe:


It’s a yellow gold and a mid chocolate brown. Very nice – about £6 each.




I don’t see what’s that unique about them – but they sure are pretty. There were other eyeshadows to choose from such as a purple, black, navy, other shades of brown.

I bought 2 lipsticks (totally skipped the glosses as I have been gloss mad lately).

I picked two wearable shades, no 4 (pink) and 13 (peach nude):


Lipstick in 4 & 13:


They aren’t as creamy or as pigmented as I thought (Paul & Joe used to do a really rich, creamy lipstick and a sheer one – I am guessing these are the sheerer formulation). Still they are super wearable.



Told you I have a nail polish fetish? I bought two shades (there were about 5 in total) – a nude pearl and a gold glitter. I love these bottles so much:


03 is the pearl and 002 is the gold (I think). I think the gold is a LE polish.

I don’t usually buy nude polishes but I like this one a lot. I was choosing between this and a sheer orange and Mr C liked the orange. I basically manipulated him until he said he prefered this one…


The gold – it needs a good shake to get the glitter mixed into the base:


It’s quite nice! Nice on its own or a top coat.


Finally I bought a brow powder – I’ve wanted this for ages! I think it was £7.25 – not sure why that price sticks in my head!


You get two shades of powder ( bought the lighter one) and a brush which comes in a holder:


The brow powder is quite hard – I prefer it this way, the overall finished effect is a little more sheer and natural. The brush is fine but I am sure I’ll lose it in about…ooh a day.


There’s a darker version too – both were in stock when I was there:


Can’t remember exactly how much the total was for all this – about £60 I think and I had done my MAC order earlier on in the day so it was a GREATTTT make up hauling day.

(Mr C just said “That lady (on the Paul & Joe counter) was crazy! I’ve heard of it before but I’ve never seen it before with my own eyes!”).

So there you go, get down to the counter and see it for yourself!

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  1. baby in a corner says

    i had the most horrific experience in Brown Thomas Dublin with a Nars sales assistant. First of all she says do you have any Nars products as if to say ‘YOU couldn’t afford Nars’, then I asked could i apply a lipstick as I have very pigmented lips and I wanted to try before I buy. When she was applying it i could feel it going all over my face, she was lobbing it on. then she touched around my lips with concealer which wouldn’t have been necessary if she’d applied it properly in the first place. when i looked in the mirror it looked like i’d a rash all around my mouth. horrible!

    • Row says

      Noooooo did you run away?!

      Oh dear oh dear some SA’s are highly confident aren’t they? If I was a make up /SA I’d be scared of messing up someones face!

  2. Grace says

    I love Paul & Joe cosmetics, and yes I totally agree with you on the SA’s at Fenwick- I have had that experience so many times at that counter! By the way, I’ve never seen Paul & Joe at Harrods, where abouts is it?

    • Row says

      Oh i don’t know my friend told me about it! And there was a sale box! I have to say the fenwick sale was excellent!

  3. says

    OMG, I love these so much.
    I adore their package, would buy them just for that 😛
    Too bad I can’t find it here in Brasil.

  4. says

    heya..your new layout isnt seeming to work. the top paragraph is mixed up with the title.

    wish i could get to Fenwicks soon, but my bank is glad i cant lol

  5. mint says

    That’s an amazing hual! I havent purchased any paul and joe items yet since yes they are quite pricey. You must put up with annoying SA very well. They usually turn me off from buying anything and I just walk off.
    Nice new layout

  6. nia says

    oh i think this kind of SA is not really all that scary and is trying to be proactive and helpful. the kind of SA that i do not like is the type that looks down on u and push u to buy something u dont need or want. now that is scary – at least for me

    • Row says

      Hi Nia

      She as lovely until she followed me around the department store. Even when I looked on a different counter. I am not someone who will say – get lost – but I think a lot of people would’ve lost their temper in that situation…I know a lot of my friends and family would have told her to go away!

  7. tigerslovepepper says

    Love the nail polish remover’s bottle, reminds me of the “drink me” bottle from Alice in Wonderland.

  8. says

    The Clarins SA in Selfridges Manchester I can recall being particularly bad, as soon as a strolled over to the counter she pounced on me, whilst this isn’t unusual for a SA the fact that she did not move, despite me saying “I’m just browsing thanks” and continued to stand in the way whilst I was trying to reach for one of the foundation bottles to try the shade really got me! On the other hand the girl on the Shiseido counter opposite was much nicer and didn’t mind at all when me and my friend giggled for quite a while at how awful our skin looked at that really high definition skin camera they have there!
    Also another time we went to try the new tom ford lipsticks, my friend, who is Indian ,decided she wanted to try one so the SA picked out the palest shade and spent literally 20 minutes applying it. Afterwards she looked like a ghost and I couldn’t stop laughing whilst the lady was explaining how good it was, then the sales assistant showed my friend the mirror and her face just dropped. she wiped it off as soon as we walked out . But like you said we shouldn’t be too hard on sales assistants because they could just be having an off day, and I’m sure they have to deal with some pretty rude customers!

    • Row says


      Oh dear! I do find the traditional counters with staff with their little suits and orange faces are the scariest ones! Especially older ladies know how to be pushy! Eek!

  9. lee says

    A bit late to see this but I get along with the P&J SA’s mainly because I buy so much. Also next time ask for a membership card you get 1 stamp per £20 you spend and then a free gift when you fill up the card (lord knows what is it) and also the card is so pretty. Was the varnish remover £5? I just mostly nod and say “Yes it is” and they can’t say anything afterwards. hehehe