Haul: Majolica Majorca Fairy Sadistic Autumn 2009 Collection

Shiseido’s Majolica Majorca must have one of the most innovative and beautiful websites I have ever seen – every season they design a interactive flash site with a new look and idea. Gorgeous, gorgeous. And all for some new make up.

Majolica Majorca hasn’t won me over in a while and calling a collection ‘Fairy Sadistic’ doesn’t help. But I indulged anyway in three affordable glosses, their new blusher, the honey essence treatment and two new liquid eyeliners:

Majolica Majorca lip gloss.jpg

I got three shades of pink glosses just because on the site they seemed different enough….

As always, the Honey Pump Gloss Neo’s come in little squeeze tubes – not too much product, not too little.

PK242 is a sheer hot pink gloss – very sheer:

majolica honey pump gloss neo.jpg

PK143 is the lightest pink/beige, with lots of tiny gold sparkles – very nice if you like nudes:

honey pump gloss neo.jpg

PK247 is the nicest one of the three, a inbetween coral as opposed to pink with little silvery sparkles in it:

majolica majorca honey pump gloss neo.jpg

This is the Honey Pump Lip Essence – I am hoping this will be different to the lip glosses and will work as more of a treatment:

majolica majorca honey pump lip gloss.jpg

Finally, there is one new blusher…and a bit of an odd shade it is. A very silvery light lilac-pink – got to be a highlighter I guess unless you are a ghost in shock:

majolica majorca blusher.jpg

It’s very sparkly once applied, I quite like it although that is the fairy in me….

majolica majorca blusher-1.jpg

Finally, Majolica has redesigned and rereleased their liquid eyeliners. I have found all their previous liquid eyeliners disappointing – too sheer, too slow to dry etc.

Haven’t cracked these two open yet (in Gold and Green) but will let you know once I have if these are an improvement! I believe they have a black base with a hint of colour on top.

perfect automatic liner.jpg

You can see the whole range on Adambeauty.

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  1. MandyP says

    “Fairy Sadistic”?!? Are you sure it’s not supposed to be “Fairly Sadistic”, like the firm’s refusal to hire spell-checkers, or perhaps “Sadistic Fairy”, a la ‘Hard Gay’? Although, he’d be more along the lines of ‘Sadomasochistic Fairy’, wouldn’t he? Never mind, then.

    • Row says

      Hey MandyP

      Ahhhhhh how are you!!!! You are much missed in blogland.
      Anyway – Fairly Sadistic………………………LOLOLOLOLOLOL. You do make me laugh. Is that true? I am telling you, I was sorting through my lip products and the amount of Japanese lip gross’s I have are ridiculous.

  2. says

    you knew what i love about this blog is you show me more makeup products that were really awesome, and the reviews.. and the weekly giveaways!!!

    sad thing is, i couldn’t try them, because they weren’t available in our country…

  3. Raindropz says

    Thanks for uploading the pics, I’ve been looking everywhere for a close ups of the lip glosses =P