Haul: MAC Cosmetics, Eyeshadows, Strobe Cream and Stoof!

Buying MAC make up for me is like buying scented pantyliners – its kind of pointless but you make some kind of use out of it once its in your drawer.

Well, I did this haul before Christmas (yes I’m behind) just as a little pick me up.

I bought 3 shadows, a case, two liners, strobe cream and a lipstick!

mac haul.jpg

MAC please sort your wrapping out! Whenever I get mail order the products are dumped at the top of the box, with the scrunchy paper underneath.

I was in a simple, brown themed mood, can you tell? I got:

mac eyeshadows.jpg

All very nice, very wearable, nice, nice!

I also picked up a lipstick in Creme de la Femme:

mac creme de femme.jpg

It swatches nicely but its too frosty for me:

mac creme de femme-1.jpg

I like the Kohl pencils MAC do so I got Blooz and Minted – both very soft, seem to work ok on my waterline too. Blooz is not as vivid as I thought it would be:

mac pencils kohl blooz and minted.jpg

Have you ever tried Kaliste eye pencil by Nars? If not you must – its the nicest teal ever.

mac kohl pencil.jpg

Finally I got some strobe cream – no idea why as I can’t stand the disco ball look. The last time I bought this it smelt of tangy watermelons and stung my skin. This new formula doesn’t sting and smells better:

mac strobe cream.jpg

Its got a nice texture – you can use it underneath foundation, on your body etc.

strobe cream.jpg

The effect:

strobe cream mac.jpg

So just a bit of haul porn for you. Whenever I get bored I get tempted by MAC and they definitely have some really good everyday bits and pieces. I’d like to try their full coverage foundation at some point and maybe even some sneaky bits from the Warm & Cozy collection.

What do you think of my purchases? MAC must haves or not so great choices?

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  1. says

    Strobe cream never fails to break me out like a mofo, but if I was getting married, I’d definitely apply it to all visible parts my body for a dewy glow.