Haul: Lunasol Star Shower Eyes and Full Glamour Lipstick

Quick haul post today! I picked up some Lunasol (its been a while) just before Christmas! Greens are my favourite so I got this Star Shower Eyes palette in 02 Medium Night and Full Glamour Lipstick S in Pink Beige:

lunasol star shower eyes.jpg

Lunasol is sure pretty, but a bit on the expensive side. With the exchange rate this palette is about £26. All of the colours have a sheer shimmer and the darkest colour is very pigmeted. The left hand side colour is almost like a glitter top coat:

lunasol star shower.jpg

This lipstick is sheer – it has a glitter coating which comes off when you apply it. Its very pretty but not as amazing as I thought it would be – although its a wearable everyday shade:

Lunasol Full Glamour Lipstick.jpg

What do you think? Like this collection?

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  1. kiwikeely says

    Lunasol is one of my favourite brands too. You should check out the new natural collection. They have improved the formula and its now a texture inbetween powder and cream (or so they claim to be. Personally, I find it a bit wet and staying power improved, but it still leans more towards the powdery side.)
    P.S I’m getting slightly confused…are you from america or UK? Sorry, When I first saw your post from MUA I thought you’re from america…but now that I keep seeing the pound sign, I’m just wondering where are you from? (looking apologetic