Haul: Laura Mercier Foiled Eye Color & Lip Gloss!

Laura Mercier is one of those brands that always has odd bits and pieces worth investing in (like the base products). I picked up some bits, a clear nude lip gloss in Bare Beige, the dark eyeliner (god I love eyeliner pencils) and the new Foiled eye colour in VIP silver:

laura mercier make up.jpg

The eyeshadow reminds me of the ‘baked’ kind but I didn’t really think much when I swatched it at home. HOWEVER – once it is applied to the eye its just lovely – really does give that foiled look.

laura mercier silver eyeshadow VIP.jpg

The lipgloss in Bare Beige is a sheer, very wearable, true nude gloss:

laura mercier bare beige lip gloss.jpg

The eye kohl – you can’t have enough eye pencils right! I must have about 100 – I love eye pencils. Cream eyeshadows and eye pencils, oh and concealers…and sparkly lip glosses are my weaknesses. That’s a lot of weaknesses, I realise…

laura mercier kohl pencil.jpg

On the eye – it didn’t take much eyeshadow to get this effect – I love it!

laura mercier eye.jpg

I used mascara and the kohl pencil too here:

laura mercier eyeshadow.jpg

The lip gloss is nothing extraordinary but it compliments my already naturally rosy lips without being too overpowering. Ever put your lip colour on in the dark, then once you get into work, you’re like WOAHHHH.

Won’t happen with this gloss.

laura mercier lip gloss bare beige.jpg

What do you think? Does Laura Mercier do it for you?

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  1. says

    Looks lovely! Eye pencils seem so convenient, but they crease/smudge almost immediately on me, so I’m stuck with powders and liquid liners. Can’t even use cream/gel liners as they have the same problem.

  2. says

    Holy crap, everything looks stunning! I really love the look of that shadow, though I wouldn’t personally bother with the gloss… I tend to be an all-or-nothing kind of girl, so either I wear a lot of colour or just a clear gloss 😛

    • Row says

      Hi Rae

      Thats true – the gloss is something you can duplicate with a cheaper brand quite easily I think. I just like LM glosses 😉

  3. Heather says

    Gorgeous eye color! I am amazed it didn’t take a ton of packing it on to get it to look so amazing.

  4. says

    I have the black and brown eyeliners, as well as the several of the mineral eyeshadows, and have to say that the eye makeup is relatively gentle on the eyes.