Haul: Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliners, Liquid Eyebrow, Pencil Eyeliner Review

Heroine Make is a relatively small range of products (eyeliners, fake lashes, lash glue, lash curlers, lip glosses) from Kiss Me.

Their eyelash curler is one of my favourites, along with Koji and Nars. The liquid eyeliner is wonderful! So here are some more bits and bobs I recently hauled.


I bought 4 items, their liquid eyeliner in a pot, their quick eyeliner, the smooth liquid eyeliner which is like a felt time and the liquid eyebrow pen.

When I get used to using brands and products like the eyeliners from the Kiss Me range I forget how brilliant they are – easy to apply, long wearing, pigmented. Then I use something not so good…and remember!


First off is their Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Pen, which is perhaps their most famous product:

I LOVE liquid eyeliner but it has to be easy to apply.

My favourite liquid liner is in a felt tip form with a bendy tip (not too firm) that is pigmented and dries quickly. There are lots of these kind of non-refillable eyeliners out in Japan, most are pretty good like this Ishizawa Tearbaby one and Koji Line Queen.

I am also a fan of L’oreal Super Liner and Lancome Artliner, for a more accessible recommendation!

Anyway, the Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Liner has a beautiful pointy, medium soft nib that makes application really quick and easy. It has the right amount of product (unlike well like liquid liners that you can take far too much out of).

It’s pigmented and is waterproof. It’s seriously a brilliant liquid eyeliner:

Also the line is quite fine for a nice natural look!


Rating: 5/5

Heroine Make also make an eyeliner in the traditional well form. I find these a lot harder to apply and will generally go for a gel liner or the felt time type over this.


The Kiss Me liquid liner has a squarish nib and the formula is quite liquid. This does not hinder it in terms of texture (it’s very smooth) BUT it does mean it’s really easy to over apply.

The shape of the brush means you will end up applying a fairly thick line – it’s not THICK compared to normal eyeliners, it’s just thick compared to Asian pen liners that focus on having a really natural thin line.

This liquid eyeliner takes a little while to dry so you have to be careful with application but it wear quite well. It does run if you get it too wet.


Verdict: 3/5

Quick Eyeliner:


This double ended pencil liner comes in black and brown.

One side is a square cut liner and the other has a smudgy rubber side. The square side is quite hard – it takes a while to warm it up and even then I found myself dragging my eyelid.

It just wasn’t cream enough for me and medium pigmented:


Verdict: 1.5/5 – because the rubber smudgy side is ok

Liquid Eyebrow:


The liquid eyebrow comes in a few colours and gives a super natural effect. It’s quite a nice product to use when you have full brows like me already as it’s quick and adds a little bit of depth.

The nib is like a thick calligraphy pen – it’s firmer than the eyeliner and it’s thicker too. It’s quite good for working into the gaps in your eyebrows:


Liquid Eyeliner on my upper lids – I know it’s not perfect but I can literally run the liner across my lids in about 3 seconds and I’m done, it’s so easy.


Verdict: 4/5



Left to Right:

Smooth Liquid Liner (pen), Pencil Liner, Pencil Liner Smudged, Liquid Brow, Liquid Liner (pot).


The pencil liner is a bit of a fail, but the brow liner and liquid ones are great. I’d recommend the liquid eyeliner and their lashes, lash glue and lash curler to anyone.

I purchased these from Alphabeautyuk on eBay and adambeauty.com for £7 – £9 each.

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  1. Kate says

    Hi Row, I’m a big fan of the Heroine Make eyeliners (and mascaras) but was a bit scared of the concept of the ‘liquid eyebrow’ until your review…. thanks for reassuring me!

    In defence of the pencil liner, I use it on my waterline and it lasts beautifully and doesn’t hurt at all. I agree it’s a disaster on the eyelids though.

    • Row says

      Hi Kate

      The liquid eyebrow is…something you need to get used to! Cos when it dries, it dries where as a brow powder you can manipulate it! But it’s so light that it’s quite a natural effect anyway

      Hey I’m glad you like the pencil – maybe I need to warm it up more? Scott Barnes always uses a lighter on his pencils and this seems to loosen it up a little, so to speak 😀

  2. says

    That Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Liner is next on my list! Maybe right after Integrate :)
    I wasn’t too impressed with the mascara (smudged and flaked a little on me), and to be honest I’m not crazy about the packaging or the image characters, haha. But I love pen liners.