Haul & How the hell are you?

Happy July People!

Tis been a while since I did a proper post, but you know, I have had a huge list of things to take care of and no broadband connection so I have had to use an extremely slowwwww dial up mobile dongle thing. (Work has been nuts – home keeping, so many projects, looking after the felines, being snotty all the time…)

The man in the shop said it would last three months cos we paid £100 for it. One week later I was happily surfing Adambeauty and OFF it goes. ‘Sorry you have used up all your credit’. NOOOOOOOOO! I haven’t had the same feeling since I used up all my mobile pay as you go credit on texting Ronan Keating – or at least they said it was Ronan Keating on the back of Smash Hits….

Otherwise, I have spent a month just chasing people up. It’s amazing how people won’t do anything untill you threaten them with legal action isn’t it?

Ooh I had a terrible experience (worse than usual) with a company called Badprint (change the Bad to its antonym). Had some business cards done. Big lines down the side of both. Hello? First thing I did was check myself. I double checked myself. I double checked at the time anyway, but I did it again. I zoomed in over and over.

Emailed them – Hello! I double checked my image – no smudge lines. Why are there smudgelines?

Them – Its all your fault. But you can have a discount if you reorder!

Me – But your website is always offering discounts – do you sell anything full price? Bsides thats not the point – there were no lines on my preview. So there.

Them – Our print room says there was so there.

Me – Your tone is unhelpful and rude. I am telling you there is nothing on my design.

Them – Well there is.

Me – No there isn’t.

Them – Yes there is.

Me – Ok fine. Nevermind. I’ll throw these cards in the bin and whilst you have earnt £20 I will never shop with you again and tell everyone else not to use you either. Bye!

Them – Whatever, You don’t know what you are talking about and we don’t need customers like you.

Me – What returning customers. Bye.

So there you have it kids. Customer service is really like that in the UK – they take your money then you are on your own. Only a few companies adopt the US style of accepting returns and sending replacements when items are faulty or just plain awful. I used to work in retail and the company I worked for relished in the 7 day refund threshold. People would turn up all the time on day 8, not realising we have a shorter than average return period, and BOOM! Your stuck with your rather pricey piece of steel tat. Did they shop with us again? Of course not! And I don’t blame them.

Ok random haul pics.

Lunasol EX01:

Lunasol Green Coral (love this!):

Lunasol Eye Base:

Lunasol Light Green & Gold Liner:

RMK Metallic Eyes Creamy (free gift):

Coffret D’or EX01 Lipstick:

Banila Co Highlight and Shade:


Banila Co Eye Primer:

Givenchy Palette:

RMK Haul:

Two Eye Crayons in Lavender and Gold:

Glittery Swatches:

My two freebies – Lipstick B in Lavender Blue and Coral Lip and Cheek Cream:

I bought some drugstore stuff too. Max Factor Miracle Touch in Golden, which is not golden at all:

Mac Factor mascara – good stuff but makes lashes flop:

Skinfood Blemish Balm Cream in 02. too pale for me NC35 but nice stuff:

Skinfood Candy Moist Lipstick in Orange:


My Nars Multiple Project!

They are supposed to be handy but they are a bit chunky aren’t they? So I decided to castrate them and store them into these dust attracting Bobbi Brown Palettes £12 each. I did a bronze palette and a pinks one.

Empty Palettes:

You only need a shaving:

Whoops. I used a butter knife:

Melt over a candle. Not just any candle and Aveda one:

Oh. Before you do all the above, label! Doesn’t this make you feel like Bobbi?

Fill it! Don’t knock it or like me you’ll end up scraping it all out with a toothpick and melting it again. Don’t forget to stir it well to mix up the particles an all…

Ta-Da! Finished articles:

I figured if I carry these two small palettes in bronzes and pinks they should cover many lip and cheek looks.

You like?!

Ppssstttt. Moving home soon – no not THAT home, been there, done it. Moving internet home! Stay tuned!

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  1. Askmewhats says

    Gosh I am so sorry about your experience with bad customer service. Ours is not like the US, but not like UK..i guess in between, when it comes to listening to your complaints they do listen, but you have to wait AGES like months or even years..to see what they can do about it..you got it? haaahah so I guess its bad as well coz You are waiting, hoping things iwll turn out right but at the end realizing their not doing anything at all! LOL

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hauls!! and thanks for the wonderful tip on the palette!!! Genius!

  2. Medina says

    OMG! You’re a genius! I love it! Why didn’t I think about it before?!! I drag around 4 multiples at any one time (for no apparent reason)! I’ll email this link to all of my girlfriends.

  3. R says

    Hey Nic Nic!

    I love that Givenchy palette its nice and pigmented too – normally my Givenchy palettes are crumbly and dry.

  4. R says

    Hey Askmewhats!

    I have been a bad girl and I am going to stop doing these mega hauls! and start buying shoes instead!

    In the UK generally customer service is very poor. A phone company I spend £2,000 per year actaully responded to a complaint I made. I nearly fell of my chair when they offered me compensation! That never happens! x

  5. R says

    Hi Medina

    What a lovely name!

    Thanks thanks! I meant to do it ages ago but been too busy. this way I have lots of colour lip/cheek/eye options in one place and cos u get so much multiple theres still plenty left in the tube! :)

  6. MandyPandy says

    Ronan Keating is alright, but he’ll never be Gary Barlow.

    Hmmm… You’ll have to explain the Skinfood to us. More in-depth, peut etre?

    Ah, the ol’ “free-basing with a spoon” trick. I bought a Japonesque palette and tried the melt-and-pour technique (only, I was told to use a gravy boat) and the results were not pretty. :-(

  7. purplesnowflake says

    hihi, OMG love your lunasol stuff.. i’m getting the lunasol eye shadows too but in #1 coral.. hehe love all your other purchases too..