Haul: Holika Holika Fairy Bakery Muffin Eye Shadow Review!

Holika Holika!

It’s a Korean brand, it is super cute so expect a lot more appearances from the brand on the blog!

I bought two of these Fairy Bakery Muffin Eye Shadows (what a mouthful!). These eyeshadows have two sides, and both sides are marbled. I like these kinds of eyeshadows – I still think Too Faced Galaxy ones are the best.

I picked two:


The packaging is not bad, nothing extraordinary. Here are the shades:#alttext#

03 Forbidden Blueberry is very nice – it’s a purple based blue and the other side is a siler with some dark blue bits running through. You can adjust these accordingly by picking up colour from specific parts of the eyeshadow.


04 Mirage is a silvery beige with a warm plum/pink. It’s unusual but also very pretty.

The textures of these are a bit hard (as I find a lot of baked eyeshadows are) BUT they are still really pigmented and lovely. There is a bit of fall out and the shimmer is nice, not too glittery.

There are 3 more shades in this range – nothing inspiring so I hope they bring out more interesting colours in this range.




Well worth trying out, these cute eyeshadows have everything in one! I paid about £7 each for these on eBay.

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  1. Jen says

    Ooooh I’m impressed with the pigmentation of these….I really like the look of 04 (loving my plums at the mo). I own all the Too Faced ones as I bought one and loved it sooooo much I couldn’t bear not having all the rest of them mwahahaha

  2. Jasmine says

    I got a sample of their eye cream and I loved it! It’s a violet-purple packaging one (sorry I used it up and I can’t remember for the life of me its exact name!)