Haul: Guerlain Terracotta 2009, Kohl Kajal Pencil and Kabuki Brush

You know Gordon Brown uses Guerlain Terracotta bronzer right? Despite this, Guerlain is one of my favourite old school luxury brands, one of the ones I used to coo over as a teen.

From the Terracotta collection I hauled the Kajal Liner (LE) and the Kabuki Brush (LE). I can’t remember the exact prices – I believe it was £18 for the Kajal and £27 for the kabuki.


The Kajal/Kohl liner is very pretty:


The idea of this kohl (its more of a crayon I think) is that it should be an easy, breezy smudgy black look in the kind of sexy Arabic style. This pencil is indeed (ok, now I’ve called it a Kajal, Kohl, Crayon and Pencil) creamy and very soft – it comes off the waterline very easily.


This Kabuki Brush is a densely packed one, suited to applying the bronzers. I prefer to use it to buff in powder:


It’s strength is that its very firm and densely packed – no loose hairs coming out here but it is pretty rough in my opinion. Like a busy raccoon tail!


Like Guerlain? Do you think the Terracotta ranges are worth investing in?

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  1. Mary says

    Guerlain bronzing powder compact is definitely worth investing in.
    The moisturising one is the best I’ve tried and I’ve tired all brands – BB, Dior, Nars, Shu, Mac…etc.
    I’ve also have their original kabuki Terracotta bronzing brush and it’s really good at applying and buffing the bronzer on your skin. It is the one with the gold coloured ornate handle.
    They have a new kabuki now and discontinued the old one.
    I don’t know what the new one is like to use.
    The old one had a flat top with no tapering off at the sides.
    The new one has tapered edges.