Haul: Etude House V-Line Top 10 Tan BB Cream

I am still trying to find the BB cream (blemish balm) that works for me. I have found most of them are too greasy for my skin, or are far too light for my NC35 skintone.

I picked up the Etude House Top 10 BB cream for about £8 including shipping from eBay.

TOP+10+V-Line+BB+Cream+35ml.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x400 pixels).jpg

Because this is a so called “Tan” range, I figured it might match my skintone for once. It also has SPF 27 and is kind of like an all in one product – concealing, moisturising, suncreen.

Here is the product:

top ten v line bb cream etude house .jpg

BB is a funny abbreviation. Things that come to mind for me –

1. Bobbi Brown
2. Big Boobs
3. Big Brother
4. BBQ
5. B & B

top 10 etude house bb cream.jpg

Very very very briefly, a BB cream is a cosmeceutical product – it is both a base with coverage and a treatment cream. Its said to treat the skin and fade scars etc. and it has lots of different benefits like the sunscreen element, some are waterproof, some are whitening etc. etc.
Here is this product:

bb cream etude house.jpg

The shade is great. The chance of this being dark enough is the reason I bought it because they are normally far too light – they are made for the Asian market and a lot of the ladies have light skin.

This does match my skintone. Hurrah!


bb cream etude house-1.jpg


bb cream etude house-2.jpg


This is the best BB cream I have used so far – no rashes like I got with some others I tested and the colour matches. There is also good coverage and a nice texture.

However – It doesn’t last long enough on my combination skin for my liking – my mid-day it has slid off and redness was poking through.

Its still a good quick alternative in the morning, and I would know I can get quite a lot of uses out of one product however – its still not perfect. Something about it is not perfect. It doesn’t make me want to give up primer, liquid foundation and powder.

Nevertheless its a good little thing for girls with warmer skintones like me. You can find it on eBay for around £8 with shipping.

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  1. Anna says

    Is there only one shade for this? And is it more of a yellow undertone shade? Because I’ve tried Skinfood and Missha and they are both too beige for me since I have really strong yellow undertones.

  2. says

    I really want to try one of these. It makes me so sad when i see how many are labeled ‘whitening’! I like being dark lol.. i dont wanna be whiter!!

  3. says

    have you tried Nanoce BB cream? it is from Japan and it is the best bB cream ever I tried, it was a perfect match for me as a nc35/30.. TRY IT!!!

  4. Talisa says

    Great review: now at least I know there’s at least one bb cream that can match my sort of dark skintone ^^. Which other ones have you already tried so far that were too pale? (so I know which ones to avoid)
    PS: does it have a very noticeable tanning effect??

  5. katie says

    heyy. i js want u to kno (maybe u do kno lol) bb creams are rlly light soo its good to follow up with loose powder. thats what i do ^^
    etude house and other asian companies even have special bb cream primers AND THEY HAVE BB CREAM PACTS. u cud js buy one made to set ur bb cream. some of the bb powder pacts come in the same line.
    ei: missha m has both the bb cream and powder same with etude house, skinfood, ect.
    maybe u do kno this. i js wanted to say js in case u dnt kno. aha >.< ty btw i love ur skinfood and etude house reviews, js the perfect amount of sarcasm :)

    • Row says

      Hi Khadijah

      Try searching for Etude House BB Cream – or try Misscha’s they do one in Golden which is VERY yellow