Haul, Don’t Touch! Too Faced Smurfy Collection

My lovely friend, The Muse got me some goodies from the US of A and one of the ranges was the Smurfy collection from Too Faced!

too faced smurfy.jpg

Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute!

I haven’t witnesses such cuteness is the Chisato range from Shu Uemura (still need to swatch that for you! Not enough hours in the day)…

So I got 2 glitter eyeliners, Smurf You (blue) and Feelin’ Smurfy (white), Illuminating Powder and the Quad.

Glitter Eyeliners:

too faced smurfy-1.jpg

I had enquired about this range reaching the UK shoes and apparently it isn’t going to happen, hence I had to get it from the US! These two glitter eyeliner are rather cute – I love the blue – its a real smurf blue:

smurfy too faced glitter liner.jpg

I only used to watch the Smurgs on a Saturday when I was growing up. They were a bit European, a bit too whimsical for my serious tastes…


too faced smurfy-2.jpg

So they are quite glittery and are on a clear base. I generally prefer a metallic liner to a glitter one but these are pretty cute and also densely….glittered.Eyeshadow Quad:

smurfy too faced.jpg

Its in cardboard (you know I hate cardboard packaging) but yeah, I can live with it when it has a hussy-esque smurf on the front.


smurfy palette.jpg

Love the blue, love the glitters. Its fun!

I can’t think of what the Smurf theme tune is – I keep thinking of the Chipmunks theme tune instead.

“We’re the chipmunks…C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K”

smurfy eyeshadow quad.jpg

Have no problems at all with these shadows. Soft, medium pigmented, quite a pretty wearable palette despite the pink and blue combo:

too faced eyeshadow.jpg

Swatches – the glitter particles are clear in the gold and mauve-fawn shade:

eyeshadow swatches.jpg

Finally the Illuminating Face Powder:

too faced smurfette collection smurfy face powder.jpg

Gah! I can’t get a package from the US without there being something broken in it. Is it the US customs? Do they drop kick parcels?

Anyway a little chip in my beautiful palette, tut. Still cutey though, and quite pink/peach based for an illuminating palette. But its not like I’m gonna use it anyway! These hauls are for looking at ONLY!

too faced smurfy-3.jpg

What do you think? What would be your dream combo for a character-cosmetic-collaboration?

MAC already did my beloved Hello Kitty…

I’d love to see a Count Duckula & Cle De Peau collaboration – eyeshadow palette with a pale cream, duck green, grey, a deep black with gold glitter. Lipstick is a nude beige with green shot through it. I love weird stuff.

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