Haul: Dolce & Gabbana Make Up

From the moment I saw the ad campaign for Dolce & Gabanna Make Up, I knew I had to get my grubby paws on some. So I waited till my last trip to London before popping into Selfridges to see the range (the only place in the UK you can get it at the moment, and one of only 3 locations in the world you can buy it).

The counter was fairly small – not so impressed by that, but the products are very nice indeed. Encased in gold (like YSL), Dolce & Gabbana’s range is all about the glamour and luxury of make up.

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(Scar-Jo wears ‘Devil’ creamy lip colour here)

Their website showcases their entire range (and it has the most irritating music, ever), which is quite small at the moment. Eye pencils, mascara, eyeshadow quads and duos, a foundation powder, blush, nail colours and various lipsticks and gloss.

I purchased two palettes, an eyeliner and a lipstick.


Sometimes I like simple packaging, but who doesn’t want some glamour and some va-va-voom? So much packaging these days is plain black. D&G’s is a matte textured gold which is great because it doesn’t show finger marks as easily.

Then I got worried about how much this was going to cost me. The prices are on par with other high end brands like Dior and Chanel (I was getting worried it would be more in the SKII league), at £35 for a quad, £22 for a duo, £20 for the lipsticks, £16 for the pencils, £16 for the nail polishes, £33 for the powder foundation and I *think* it was £26 for a blush.


I never do this normally, but I decided to go for wearable palettes!

Champagne Quad (flash):


A light shimmery white, matte black, soft grey lilac shimmer and a matte brown. Perfect smokey eye or what!

Scarlett wore (according the the SA) this palette combined with Stromboli for her smokey eye/nude lip look.


Stromboli Quad:


A shimmry gold, bronze, reddish copper and sparkly black.


Eye Pencil in Stromboli – black with gold sparkles:


Shine Lipstick in Soiree:


The SA actually lunged at me with this lipstick – “Zis lipstick will look lovelllyyyy on you”. Yeah, I went with her because I was scared for my life. It’s a sheer, glossy, shimmery peach.


The make over I had was pretty damn bad. Black up to my eyebrows. I went downstairs later to find the other half, who nearly choked on his english breakfast when he saw me. “Yeah, yeah…it’s nice….is it supposed to look like that?”

Anyway, the creamy lipsticks also look hot, but the are…well creamy. I am thinking the shine lipsticks are easier to wear for day to day.

I haven’t had a proper proper play with these cosmetics yet, but so far I will say that the eyeshadows are beautiful, soft and pigmented, just as lovely as other high end brands. I love how creative the palettes are (I also have my eye on one called Dazzling which has a bright blue, pink and green in it).

The lip colours are delicious too, and normally it takes me 10 seconds to decide which shades will suit me but I was truly lost on the D&G counter – so many gorgeous shades.

I hope D&G doesn’t expand too quickly. A lot of brands that were once exclusive and felt more special because of it are now easily purchase-able which means I can’t pull out a palette and go ner-ner-ner-ner-ner you don’t have it but I do! I DO! I DO!

Ed. – Rowena’s valium injection is due, sorry.

Oh yes, back to the make up. It’s really lovely, not at all naff like the one beginning with V and ending with E and rhymes with Te-tachi.

Try it out if you get the chance, it’s HAWT!

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  1. Elle says

    Hmm lovely, can’t resist the packaging! I haven’t seen these in stores yet. I’d love to get my hands on the Champagne Quad… Guess I got a mission for today hahaha.
    Love your writing!

    • Row says

      Hi Elle

      Champagne quad is stunning (alto quite simple). I wish I lived closer to the counter!!!! x

  2. says

    I have a cream lipstick, and especially for the reds, they are too creamy. I’ve never had a lipstick bleed on me before, but this one made me look my grandma by the end of the day (the nasty grandma, not the nice one.)

    I also have a quad, and that’s much nicer (Elegance – green, taupe, white and grey.)

    Great review.

    • Row says

      Hi London Make Up Gal

      Shame shame! I’m glad I didn’t buy a cream lipstick – they can go overboard on the creamyness, but real women have to wear them too. Have you tried something like a clear wax lipliner? It would do my head in if my lipstick was always running though!

  3. says

    I picked up the Dazzling duo of purple and lime green here in the States at Saks, when Pat McGrath was there to launch it. I never would have picked that myself, but I liked the way it looked on, so, there it is. :)

    • Row says

      Hi Paula!

      The SA actually pointed out the dazzling duo (purple & lime green) which looked stunning. I adore Pat McGrath, she’s amazing I would have liked to have met her. Purple & Green is a beautiful look…looks like grapes! hmm tutorial idea!