Haul: Bobbi Brown Color Strips in Bonfire Palette

Bobbi Brown’s Color Strips Limited Edition release kind of passed me by, until I saw some snazzy visuals. The Color Strips collection is somewhat customizable…you select an eyeshadow strip then a pot rouge strip to put into the palette.

The total cost for the two strips and case (£19 + £16 + £5) becomes £40 which is the average price for a Bobbi Brown Palette.

The eyeshadow choices are Bonfire:








There are two choices for the Pot Rouge strip – a peachy one and a pinky one.

On the pinks is Powder Pink, Pale Pink and Sand Pink


On the peach is Tawny, Fresh Melon (LE) and Calypso Coral


This collection was hugely popular because by the time I got to the counter, Orchid was sold out as was the Peach variation of the pot rouge.

So I had to make do with Bonfire and the Pink Pot Rouge Variation. The lady asked me if I wanted her to put the palette together, but you know what I’m like with people putting their fingerprints over my make up!


The idea behind the Color Strips collection is that women can customise the palette and that each strip has a mixture of natural and dramatic shades.

I do think Bobbi Brown puts colours together extremely well – a great base shade, mid tone shade, a sparkle for fun, a liner shade and so on.


Bonfire was a safe choice for me – Aquamarine was my second choice.

In the Bonfire palette is: Bone, Café Cream Sparkle, Bonfire Metallic, Cognac Metallic, and Caviar.


I love the shades included. Bone is a matte, base colour, Cafe Sparkle is sheer and leave a fine glitter coat, Bonfire is a rich gold, Cognac is my favourite and is a rich warm brown and Caviar is a matte deep black.

I wasn’t excited about the Pink Pot Rouge Color Strip, but I figured it was better than nothing:


To be honest, these shades are great – they can be work (realistically) on the cheek or the lip, for most skin tones. Whilst I’m not excited by it, I know I can take it away with me on any trip and I’d be able to create a half decent face.

The empty palette is £5:


What I really wanted to know (but didn’t ask) is if I could get two eyeshadow strips and put it into the palette? I would rather have 2 strips of eyeshadow than a eyeshadow and lip one but there you go…

The compact has a mirror and a double ended brush. I LOVE that the colours have a little plastic lid – it makes perfect sense.


I’m sure I made some kind of excuse to myself when I bought this palette as to WHY I needed it…I can’t even remember what it was, something like, cos I needed a travel friendly palette with everything in it?!

Here’s the size of the palette – its travel friendly:


Although…the palette is a bit square. I prefer rounded corners. Just saying!

Overall, an excellent choice and one I know I can wear for a long time.

Did you get your hands on this collection?

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  1. baby in a corner says

    i didn’t want this but now i do! you make it seem so cute! i like aquamarine, the colours seem more cool toned which i think would suit me.

  2. visenya says

    I am in love with Orchid, but have been telling myself that I don’t need anymore make up right now… we’ll see how well that works, haha

  3. Vibeke216 says

    The sales lady at HoF said they weren’t allowed to sell 2 eyeshadow strips in one palette. Annoying. I did wonder if you could if bought online, but one of the ones I wanted to pair up was sold out.

    • Row says

      Oh is that what she said! Cheeky thing!

      Sorry but if you are going to do a “customizable” palette it should be just that! I’d be tempted to order online next time!