Haul: AHA Cleansers

I spotted the AHA cleansing range a while ago and it looked tempting – it’s those apples!:


The apple content is supposed to work as a mild peeling ingredient with brightening properties.

The range is pretty comprehensive:

AHA ????????????.jpg

There’s a milk cleanser:


A cream cleanser:

AHA ??????????????????????????.jpg

A facial liquid soap:

AHA ??????????????????????.jpg

A cleansing oil:

AHA ????????????????????????.jpg


AHA ?????????????????.jpg

Soapy facial wash:

AHA ??????????????????????????.jpg


AHA ?????????????GP?????.jpg

Whitening Toner:

AHA ??????????????????????????-1.jpg

Brightening effects:

Haul_ AHA Cleansers.jpg

The prices are around $20-£22 on Ichibankao so not a bad price but you only get 95ml per product so these aren’t huge quantites.

My favourite cleansers are creamy as opposed to soapy, since I like to work the make up off, so I choose the creamy cleanser as opposed to milk and the whitening toner.


So far so good! I haven’t had an allergic reaction to this, and my skin feels soft and cleansed. Obviously you can choose a cleanser that is the most suited to your skin, such as the soap or liquid soap if you are oiler.

I shall report back in a week to two as I have only just started using these two babies!

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