Happy Weekend!

Have fun this weekend!


How come I feel so discombobulated? Like I’m here, but not all here.

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I update around 3 times a day, have you kept up? Some posts of the week:

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Skinfoods lettuce corrector

YSL summer collection!

On an slightly ranty note – I wanted to buy some Skinfood items from a seller in Korea. She quotes me $40 for four items and shipping. Then I considered it and decided for the sake of money and space to cancel one of the $10 items. Sure she said, here’s your new bill minus one item for….$37.50.

I cancelled one $10 item (not to mention the extra shipping) and I only save $2.50?!

Well, she said, I am taking the special special discount off because you cancelled an item.

Righteo…I said. It’s pretty clear I’d be better off spending $2.50 more and getting the extra item, but considering the fact I haven’t actually made a commitment to buy the items, I was only enquiring, I don’t think I want to deal with her anymore. Tut.

Nevermind! Weekend and I’m going to go for a walk and take some photos :)

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