Happy Father’s Day!

There are different things that we ladies look for when we meet a man; good looks, sense of humour, the ability to set up a wireless home printer network and for me, someone who has that twinkle in his eye that says he will be a good father one day.  

I knew for a long time that Mr C would be a good father, but of course you don’t really know how things will be when a baby arrives.  Babies can put an enormous amount of pressure on you, even if you are the coping type, in an emotional and physical way that is hard to comprehend unless you have been through it first hand.  

We are 9 months in to raising Baby H together, and Mr C is everything that I thought he would be with his son; kind, patient, attentive and unbelievably smitten. Even through the most testing of times he never loses his temper; he’s that guy that will stay awake all night in an armchair holding him when he is teething and I am exhausted beyond belief.  

Men sometimes get a lot of stick from us gals, this is just a post to say; thank you.

Thank you for going out to work every day even when it’s hard, to make sure we have everything we need at home. 

Thank you for being an exemplary (A++ as they say on eBay) doting father who is completely selfless when it comes to your child. 

Happy 1st Father’s Day Mr C.  

Baby and Dad

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  1. Alix says

    This made me tear up – the love and respect you have for your other-half is beautiful :)