Happy Easter Chick Chick Chickens!

Happy Easter!

My total egg haulage is = 0.

My total egg outage is = 3.

Its been a bittersweet day for me, full of news and revelations! All I can say is, that which does not kill you can only make you stronger.

rabbit cat-1.jpg

On a side note, I have just created a Facebook page….yep. I’ll have ABSOLUTELY no idea what I’m doing with it, at all, so let’s just see what happens for the next week or so!

The Cosmetic Candy Facebook Page is here (I think), so please follow (or add?!) and let me know what I’m supposed to do with it!

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  1. innerbelle says

    Aw, hun, this week has been one tough cookie! but ya know what, tomorrows another day :) We can start woth a fresh mind :)

    Happy easter !

  2. liloo says

    Ok, I’ve joined the facebook group, but I will hardly be commenting on there. I much prefer the blog itself and I can’t stand facebook :) My heart belongs to youtube and twitter. loved the bunny ears on the cat. I’ve noticed a change in the animation of the banner at the top: i like it like that :)

  3. liloo says

    actually i don’t know if it changed, it seems to be smoother and slowlier on this computer :)

  4. liloo/tsunimee says

    oh i hate it less now :) i removed all the pages i didnt read and just kept the ones i am reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly bothered about. it’s systems all go for facebook.