Happy Day After Valentines Day!

Did everyone have a good day?

I don’t see the big deal sometimes *moaning already?!* – but I am sure I made a bigger deal of it when I was looking for a boyfriend but when you’re in comfortable coupledom, I’m more of a – ‘Leave the flowers, let’s go and stuff our faces instead’, kinda gal.

Valentine’s is in my I’m-not-that-interested holiday, along with Pancake Day, Take your child to work day and Uncle’s Day.

First things first; this is what I got my Valentine’s Cards in;

I kid, I kid. A year or so ago, I had lots of boxes from Strawberry Net and the Post Man just gave me the sack! But I swear, it was because the boxes were large not cos I ordered the whole store…

(*By the way, I love StrawberryNet – but their packaging is ridiculous. EVERYTHING, even the smallest items come in a box, with ribbon, with padding, with foam etc.)

So for Valentine’s I decided to try out my Shu Uemura Lash Applicator – I absolutely cannot lashes due to my fat, piano players fingers, and long lashes.

(*Oh does anyone know how to do a line through text on Blogger? It will really help add to the comedy value.)

Anyway, so this lash contraption, which looks like forceps, is AMAZING. Bearing in mind that I could not apply lashes at all; they ended up near my eyebrows, but I got reasonable-good results with the applicator!:

I tried again on for Valentine’s Day, and I was really impressed. I know I couldn’t have applied falsies without the tool;

So that was my Valentine’s Face, kept the lips low key, because there was some eating to be doing! Before that we went to see a play, Metamorphosis, which is based on one of my favourite pieces of literature by Franz Kafka;

I won’t bore you, but its about a man who turns into a giant bug then dies. Basically. Book, good. Play, not so good. I was hoping his chest would burst then a giant black beetle would emerge, ravishing the stage. But this is theatre, darling, theatre.

Then we went for Sushi. The meal we had was called Sumo Wrestlers; 12 plates each and a main meal. And a pint of coke.

So anyway, don’t let anyone tell you that 12 plates is easy to eat. It ain’t!

But I was determined to egg on the team, even when I felt convulsions in my upper chest. Alas, I managed 11. And some Chicken teriyaki, but I couldn’t finish my udon. Let me tell you I couldn’t move at all later – but does anyone get food remorse? The next day when you’re hungry and theres nothing to eat apart from mouldy bread, you wish you could go back and eat the udon?

Speaking of being greedy, I am cutting back big time, but I still got some goodies from the postman. First of all, an Adamsbeauty haul;

Group Photo –

KATE Gel Liners in Gold & Silver – wanted these FOREVER! The gold liner is a bit palet. Also Glam Trick Eyes, in my opinion the BEST palette range from KATE has released a green toned one. It is DIVINE.

Two Lavshuca Lipsticks – I skipped on the new shadows since the reviews were poor and there wasn’t any vavavoom. These lip colours are like BUTTAH! Gorgeous, smooth, glossy, almost like glass when applied. I can’t think of any Western brand that can do this with a lip colour as well as the Japanese can.

I bought the limited edition stuff from Majolica Majorca. Their ranges have been dull lately, but I love green, so I got the eyeshadow palette (which is lovely) and the swirly gloss. I used the beige one last night and it was shimmer, and had such a beautiful glossy texture! Completely unexpected.

I love Adamsbeauty, but I wish he’d release the new things in one fall swoop instead of adding it in dribs and drabs, so that when I check the next day, I don’t have do to another order…(There was also a KISS Blue eyeliner pencil in there, but its crap, very hard and scratchy).

Then I got two very special packages from a Macaloony, Izzy, aka the MUSE.

She is generous to a fault, so as well as grabbing some Stila for me (which I wasn’t a huge fan on untill recently), she sent me a gift which I was not expecting so much of!

Firstly, the Stila!

Cool & Warm Palettes:

Contour kit. It has lights! Don’t ask me what use that is, especially when its blindi’ but it is quite cute:

Contour Shades:

I dug out some lip glazes and have been using them lately so I am very happy to have this selection…not like I can finish a full sizer anyway!

Cherry Crush! Not usually my thing but the Muse raved so much (plus I need a compact blush) I decided to give it a try..

Belle of the Ball Palette! This was a freebie with a certain amount of purchases – but wow what a freebie. A gorgeous palette with shimmery colours, greens and blues is just my kind of thing.

Also musey kindly sorted out a replacement for my smashed to smithereens Vincent Longo Roja Palette, which is such a shimmery beauty;

My gift from the Muse! She knew my flat is a mess and smells, strangely enough *closes blinds* but I love this! Why?

We don’t have scents like this in England! We have Lavender, Chamomile, Ocean Breeze, Fresh Linen, Baby’s scalp etc. etc. But we don’t have unashamedly sweet and fun scents. So thankyou Musey for turning me into an American.

Speaking of turning American, how much does Burger King cost over there? Cos I had a lovely Triple Whopper yesterday (egged on by the boyf), it was really good, had fries and a coke, it came to £7! thats like $14. For a Burger King, and I didn’t even get a Snoopy toy.

There was another little surprise for me just before Valentines…our own bundle of joy!….in the form of a male kitten..

Our Kitty is only 3 months! but big…

So…Kitty is a boy, we call him Yoshi. Today we took him to the vet, since the previous owners had never taken him.

So vet does the inspection for Yoshi….

“Well, first off, it’s a she” *sniggers*

Other than that, she was in good nick, but of course there are jabs and operations a little kitty needs…

So we get to the reception.

“So we are recommending the full year kitty pack for him, I mean her” *Sniggers*

“Ok, sure”

“That’s £150 please”

Sweet Lord. Basically, I can wave my dream of owning all of Shiny Dots RMK collection goodbye. Whatever next? ONE item from Fafi?!?!
But look at her little face;

We renamed her Yuki (even though Yoshi can be a girls name, yes I know, I know, as it happens the manager of RMK in manager is called Yoshi). She sits with me when I watch Make Up Videos on Youtube. She doesn’t chew any of my make up. She likes to sniff me and she has impeccable toilet habits, whereas make up just sits there; it gets used, or it doesn’t.

I guess I did find a bit of extra lovin’ on Valentines Day…

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  1. Nic Nic says

    wow that so much makeup! *envy* hehe

    Just wondering.. do you pay any custom tax for all those international purchases?

    Those lashes look great on you! ive had some bad and last exp with falsies lol.

    btw Yuki is a perfect name for your cat.. i mean sure you know it means Snow in Japanese 😛

  2. Row says

    Hi Nic Nic!

    Yes – well I asked my boyf (who is learning Japanese) what the word was for snow, and it was Yuki, which is a very pretty name anyway :) Yuki is a very white and fluffy cat!

    I hate taking falsies off. No Patience *rippp*

    Are you in the UK? In the UK the threshold for tax is £18 so anything over that is eligible for tax. But sometimes they get u sometimes they don’t They didn’t get me this time which is good cos I dont mind paying the tax, but I refuse to pay the “handling fees” which are five times more than the tax!!

  3. Mable says

    Wow! Looks like a great haul.

    I’m totally eyeing the lash applicator! Is it really that helpful? I can put lashes on with my fingers but it takes a while and sometimes I have to rip it off and redo if I don’t place them correctly–which is damn annoying coz the glue takes off the eye makeup I have there already.

    Does using the applicator make the application process faster/more accurate? Can you do a post to show how you use it? *PLEADS*

    BTW, my friend also has a cat that looks very similar to yours! She named hers Fluffy. I went with her to the vet and the treatments to maintain her kitty’s health costs from $200-900 CAD. Quite the shock I had. Never knew you could go broke supporting your pets. ^_^”

  4. Titty says

    I love your blog, seriously.

    You need to post full face pictures. I have yet to see! But I love your cat!! So cuteeeeeeee!!

    I have many myself!! :) Also, you never fail to make me laugh. Your mailman is awesome. Mine is a fat sweaty man.. one time I asked him, “ARE YOU GLAD TO SEE ME EVERY DAY? I FEEL LIKE YOU’RE SANTA.. BRINGING ME GIFTS AND ALL!!” with a grin on my face. And he replies while he sweats his ass off, “Just PEACHY >:O” LOL

    Anyway, You’re awesome!!! :)

  5. MandyPandy says

    I thought I was the only one who received mail by cloth sack. I usually just get clothes from old country, though.

    Yoshi’s an alright name. I had a neighbor named Yoshi. I used to baby sit her daughter Aimiko. Worst job ever!

    Anywho, the name ‘Yoshi’ always makes me think of Super Mario Brothers, and that lizard, Yoshi. I prefer ‘Master Splinter’, myself.

  6. Jaime says

    Your lashes look pretty!

    I’m assuming the cost for kitty is all the kitten jabs and nueturing so she shouldn’t steal your make up budget next year :) (if not I think the vet is ripping you off!) but I’m so jealous! My bf is allergic to cats and I want one so bad!

  7. Row says

    Hey Mabel!

    Sure, give me a few days and an accomplice to take the pics (my cat, maybe?!) and I’ll do a quick tutorial. I don’t know how useful it is if you are already ok with lashes. I completely could NOT apply them at all and now I can do a semi good job with them so to me, its a wonderful product.

    I find it makes it easier to place onto the lash in the right spot (so no ripping off later), and to position and hold down the inner and outer corners (also a harder job on asian eyes).

    Fluffy sounds cute! I’d love to know who my kittys mum and dad are! Yeah man, vets so expensive, but at least her first year is included now, so as long as she doesn’t get ill, she will be healthy!

  8. Row says

    Thanks Jaime!

    Yep, everything is covered now, she needs to be spayed etc. apparently she needs to have a blood test before which is £40 alone, the operation is £50 – so yeah, it works out better value in the end. Its only fair I guess if u have a pet, you look after it properly! But I only had a goldfish before this! :)

  9. Row says

    Mandypandy- yes she was named after the famous green lizard! Yoshi is my favourite nintendo character you see….

    What was wrong with babysitting?

    Yeah thats my first and only postal sack. I am surprised they can just hand em out, like shopping bags!

  10. Row says

    Hi Titty – your too sweet! Thanks a lot.

    Kitty is cute, she’s getting BIG though, she seems to have mama’s appetite.

    My postman is also fat and sweaty. He also tends to not turn up, and crumple up my post. So frustrating! Its really down to luck wheather I have a decent post day or not!

  11. Lea says

    WOWZA you’ve got loads of goodies! I’m a puppy person but your cat is unquestionably super cute! Yuki would have been proud of you wolfing down 12(?) plates!

    Lol on the sack of post. I usually get my goods delivered at work as delivery guys at home are always skeptical to leave packages by the door and I’m too lazy to pick up at the post office. I’m sometimes embarrased at work when I have a few deliveries and it’s obvious they’re not work-related purchase, but the mailroom clerk is always so friendly so I keep buying =)

    So are you now going to purchase a Shu lash curler? I think you should as you did a great job with the falsies applicator.

  12. the Muse says

    yay super review babes! Loving the kitty! Gimme a snuggle and kiss for me eh 😉

    Glad you were loving the oil warmer 😉 More to come shortly as I have a bigger box for you of bits but I’m trying to find a better way they cursed global priority to send!

    Anyways! I’m reviewing my Kate Spring haul soon! I love the green palette 😉 and the liners! So yum!

    I was debating on getting the maquillage silver and gold liners but I think the KATE are way better!

    Love you!


    PS $14 for a whooper? You’re half american already thanks to me so might as well be a full blown! Come over and I’ll adopt you and you can live with me and my makeup and we can eat whoopers for $7 USD of $14 USD!


    oh wait now I know why we’re the most obese people in the world…cheap fast food..!

  13. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says

    awww your cat is so cute :) i love snow white cats!
    i want to order stuff off adam beauty badly, but i can’t do registered mail as I have no one to sign for packages for me during the day. i asked my bf to get me that LE majolook palette while he’s in japan, but we shall see if he can find it successfully…lol