Happy Birthday Mr C: My song dedication to you

Mr C is really really really old today and I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday because he’s such a narcissist he loves to be mentioned on the blog.

This is for you, especially 4.05:

The rest of you, please stick with it. The last 40 seconds is a musical gift from God to our ears.

I’m off to the Aquarium today and hopefully the Folli Follie shop. How cool is it that Gaile Lai (Mrs Leon Lai) is the current face of the brand? Way cool.

What are you doing today?

Have a Happy Saturday!

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  1. kirsten T says:

    Mr make it thru the rain is now my 2nd favourite singer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9ZdTnJ9X9Y is my fav ever

    you have to watch it.

  2. You know you found this because you actually listen to his other covers!

    Oh mannn…my stomach hurts. I’ve played it 3 times. I hope mr c feels honored!

  3. you crack me up. hope mr. c enjoyed the tribute!

  4. lol any vids that showed without his glasses??? happy birthday mr c!

    xoxo elle

  5. I can make it through this soooooong… I also love this guy’s version of All I want for christmas is you, a classic!
    A happy birthday to Mr C, I hope you made him listen the whole thing. x Klara

  6. omg really couldn’t stop listening to this, something so hypnotic about his performance that I couldn’t switch off haha belated birthday wishes mr. c!

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