Happy Birthday Baby H! And his amazing Birthday Cake!

A year ago, on a very hot September day, four weeks earlier than planned, Baby H was brought into the world via (as my friend Lipglossiping would say) the sunroof, in a bit of a mad panic.  He was tiny, wrinkly, hairy.  At only 4 pounds, he was also incredibly strong, scoring 10/10 on his Apgar test and not requiring a stay in NICU (Intensive care).  They told me he would catch up eventually, by the time he was 5 years old, but with a lot of will and determination, he has already caught up to other children of his age and what can I say?  He’s a stubborn and feisty little one…I guess it gets it from me. 

People tell you all the time when your baby is born that time passes quickly and to cherish every moment, and even if you do, there’s no doubt it passes with a blink of an eye. How has it been a year? But at the same time, it also feels like we’ve had him forever. 

Baby H cute newborn birthdyHe is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to us….we love you h-bomb!

Want to see his amazing Birthday cake?  

Tinga Tinga Cake

The talented Wendy from Baby Loves Cupcakes made this 3 tier cake with a Tinga Tinga theme for Baby H! The flavours are Lemon, Banana and Chocolate (separate tiers not altogether). 

We have a fun day planned for his 1st birthday and and we are hoping for a cBeebies mention! Happy birthday to anyone else who is getting a year older today! xxx

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  1. Jessica Love says

    Many Many happy returns to your baby.
    Don’t wanna be harsh but can you kindly reply on your blog sale please? i left a comment on 25th August for a bunch of stuff and you didn’t reply.