Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary To Me!

3 years ago I got kind of bored and decided to start blogging about one of my hobbies – make up!

My first ever blog post is called ‘A Poke In The Eye‘, later superseded by 5 Mascaras that hurt if you poke yourself in the eye. See, the wit was there from the start (ahem).

It was all innocent back then – there were no PRs, no advertising, no agenda, no Twitter and tragically, there were no meow meows.

Innocently I blogged, whilst the tumbleweed blew through – I didn’t care – I just wanted to write about make up freely, however I wanted, whenever I wanted.

Though the physicality of this blog has changed, my basic goals and beliefs have stayed the same; blog frequently, blog with honesty, with passion, with wit and originality.

From the day I started blogging to this very moment, I have never had to agonise or wrack my brains about what to post about next because make up is my passion; I have never run out of things to say. Running out of time…well, that’s another matter!


Anyway, a Sunday Lunch and giant cookie is waiting for me:

#alttext#*Sorry, crap camera pic for now!

(Mr C got it for me as a prezzie on Friday! I have to say, even though he’s hairy and smelly, and randomly brings big TVs home, the blog would be impossible to run without him *heart*)

I just wanted to say that after nearly 3,000 posts, it has been fun, thank you for visiting and reading my sarcastic ramblings. Many of you take the time to come and visit each day and comment – although I don’t always have time to reply right away, they are all appreciated.

Here’s to another….year. I’m hoping to win the lottery in 13 months and then you won’t see me for dust.

Kisses X

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  1. says

    I stumbled on your blog more than a year ago. I’m glad I did and I didn’t know its only 3! It sure feels like you’ve blogging for a lot longer. Happy blog birthday Rowena!

  2. says

    Wow.. 3 years eh hun, god that’s some achievement! Huge congratulations Row. I do honestly believe your blog is the best English blog out there and I don’t think you get the recognition you deserve. You work so damn hard on it, sometimes posting 3 times a day. God knows how you manage when you have a full time job too.

    Congratulations again lovely lady and Mr.C deserves some serious loving for that giant cookie… what a sweetheart!

  3. says

    Happy 3rd Blogiversary! I admire just how much work you put into your blog. Fab pics and great reviews, here’s to another 3 years and beyond xx

  4. says

    Happy 3rd Birthday! Congratulations on the success of your blog. It’s because you do it all for the right reasons!
    Chrissy xx

  5. GrumpyTart says

    Happy Blog Birthday to you & the fluffies – and a big hug for the long-suffering MrC who sounds like a right sweetie :) I still can’t get over you moaning about him bringing home a big telly FOR FREE!! You’re mad but I love ya :)

  6. tigerslovepepper says

    Wow, 3 years! Tank you for the amazing job you’re doing here Row, CC is such a great resource for all of us cosmetic junkies! Hope your sarcasm will always remains the same. Happy blog Birthday! 😀

  7. says

    3 years ago, yours was the first blog I’d check when I finished work. Today… well, nothing’s changed. Still as addicted to CC as I was back when it was MM. Still barely comment but your lurkers are strong and there are MANY of us x

    Though I still think you should get Mr. C a replacement PS3 (you horrible girlfriend), I will love you forever. For your fairness, your quirkiness, your passion, your insults and so that I may remain in your will.

    Don’t ever stop doing this. Please x

  8. says

    I discovered your blog 2 years ago! I’m sorry I missed the first year of CC.
    I love your blog & it’s one of the few I’ve stayed loyal to! Never stop doing what you do. I love your rant posts!

  9. Jen says

    Happy 3rd blog anniversary! I only happened across your brilliant blog this year, but it is now the first blog I check out when I log on…no-one else does it quite like Cosmetic Candy! Wishing you and your blog continued success for the future 😀

  10. says

    Wow, congratulations, 3 yrs is huge!!!!
    It’s great that you ‘re still going strong, that’s definitely inspiring to the rest of us!

    Happy 3rd blogiversary and here’s to many more to come! :)