Handy Hand Cream! OPI Avojuice Hand & Body Lotion Review

I recently went for a rather wonderful pedicure, and during the treatment they used OPI Avojuice lotions on my feet. I’ve seen these moisturisers before but never really paid much attention to them, but they felt so good that I ended up buying this set from eBay which cost me just £10 for 6 mini sizes!

I am all for handbag sized goodies since I carry things around with me in case of an apocalypse!  These usually cost £2.20 each for 30ml so it’s not a bad deal!

OPI Avojuice Hand Body Lotion Review 1

They say; Skin quenchers hand and body lotion is lightweight and the perfect daily moisture fix with a juicy burst of natural moisturizers. Its infused with advocado and aloe extracts for smoother and more touchable skin!

I am so glad I got this set as it obviously gave me a chance to play with everything. 

The scents are a bit artificial – they’re not as nice as say Korres lotions, but they’re still quite nice! 

I have; 

Cran & Berry – Fruity

Hibiscus Blossom – Floral

Mango – You can guess

Jasmine – Refined floral

Sweet Tea – Sort of musky and fresh

Coconut Melon – My favourite! Tropical

The colour of the lotion has no bearing really to anything.

OPI Avojuice Hand Body Lotion Review

I really love the light gel texture of these – they sink in super quick and smell nice and leave my hadns with the hydration it needs – I am fortunate to have smooth hands so I am usually way too lazy to use hand creams (also I HATE stickiness on them).  

This cream sinks in quick enough for me to bother with it and I do notice a difference in softness. Add some SPF and this hand lotion would be the best thing ever!

OPI Avojuice Hand Body Lotion Review 2

In a few seconds…

OPI Avojuice Hand Body Lotion Review 3

The downside is that it isn’t THAT hydrating – Mr C who has sort chapped hands for example thought this stuff was useless and he could easily go through 2 mini bottles a day. This is not the lotion for people which require the thick stuff or need something that sits on the skin for a while to protect.  

This is for people who don’t have overly dry hands but want something that sinks in super quick and just eases them up a little. If hands had ‘types’ then this product is for people with ‘normal’ hands.


I love these and I like that I have the dinky ones. They need to do matching antibacterial gel!

*Purchase by me and on sale from various outlets online and in salons.

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