Halp! Which Jessica Alba Hair Style for me?

Ok, last time I asked for your hair opinions the cut DIDN’T happen. Grrr. So I’ve been living with terrible hair for a while now but with a scheduled hair do at the end of January. I want something new!

I’m torn between these two looks (both on the Alba!).

Fringe, Blonde Highlighted, Long:

Hair Hair.jpg

Or –

Cute bob, dark chocolate, fringeless:

People_s Choice Awards_ Jessica Alba looks skinnier than ever on the red carpet | Mail Online.jpg

I am in limbo at the moment where my hair could sort of adapt to either look. My hair colour preference is highlighted but over time it does go brassy and I could be in denial where my hair actually makes me look like a two bit stripper but I can’t see it.

So – which hair do you prefer?

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  1. Definitely the long one!^^

  2. I would mix both by going with the long hair and the color of her short bob!

  3. I think the long one would look good on you, but I can’t visualise you with blonde hair. Maybe a few shades darker?

  4. I’d go with the short one! sophisticated :)

  5. It seems to me that you like the blonde look better, but maybe tone down the color a bit. Seems a little bit TOO blonde for you :)

  6. I don’t like the middle parted fringeless hair. Why not put a messy fringe with the cute bob? I like dark chocolate though. 😀

  7. The long one! (I’m a sucker for long hair.) Perhaps just going a little lighter, though, instead of going blonde? If I was your stylist, I’d do the long one, but give you a base colour of that gorgeous brown with some honey-coloured and super-subtle blue-black lowlights. And a shampoo for hilighted hair will help with that brassiness, at least for a while! (They contain some light violet pigments, which neutralize the brassiness.)

  8. http://cache.style-walker.com/sw_resource/pimg/1/692/1494692_w450.jpg
    I think this colour is beautiful.
    Or instead of blonde a light brown like this
    But i say stick with the long hair, although I’m a bit bias cause long hair makes my face look slimmer ^^.
    or this hair cut

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