Halloween was pants

For me anyway. I waited in as Megs and her big sis went trick or treating. I sat with packs of lollies and haribo, deciding on my sweet ration strategy.

Teenagers – get an lolly
Miserable teenagers – get a mouldy lolly
General Kids – a lolly and haribo
Cute little kids – multiple lollies and haribo
Ginger kids – an apple and some Feria
Cute little kids with lisps and slightly snotty noses – the whole pack of sweets and a hanky.

Do you know how many kids we got?…..30? 15? 8?

None. Nil. Nada.

All night I waited to hurl abuse at some stupid kids and instead I had to sit in and eat chicken kebab instead.

Kids are too lazy or too busy playing on their Wiis to venture outside and have some Halloween fun these days (in England anyway).

Still Megs got tons of sweeties, some from 1984, but you can’t complain with free I guess.

Yes, I painted her face. I know it’s awful but I literally had 2 minutes to do it ask her little buddies were waiting outside for her.

Stop laughing! I had like 2 mins to do the make up. Can you guess what she was? It’s not what she looks like.

Did you have a better halloween? Probably!

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