Half Price Illamasqua Today!


Illamasqua will only be offering 50% after midnight for 1 hour (12am-01am GMT) and you have to use the code ‘TWITTER50′.  

In case you don’t have Twitter and the like, Illamasqua are celebrating hitting 50,000 followers on Tweety and are offering 50% off EVERYTHING on Illamasqua from 12pm-5pm GMT today, and from 12am-5am (that’s more my hour!) from Midnight tonight so that you ladies who are still sleeping on the other side of the world can get dibs too. 

50% if a crazy good deal and if I paid full price for something yesterday I would want to smack my head against something hard…Anyway, unfortunately I am on a no buy (apart from books and stationery) so I am not even going to browse as I know I will end up wanting something…but let that stop you!

The website is here (if you can get it to load) and here’s a picture of a clapping bunny.

Cutest animal rabbit

Happy Friday!

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