Haircut time! Which hairstyle do you like!

Ever since I had my hair cut toa medium length I have had a new lease of life…well, ok, maybe not, but it’s been SO much easier to care for then stupidly long locks that had been damaged by years of processing.

Here are two styles I am trying to decide between. At the moment just have really straight medium length hair with ratty ends.

Here is the first one taken from @ekieki ‘s Instagram!

Hair style

Second one:


The first style is more styled, quite cute and of course has a side fringe. The second is messy and layered.

I have practically zero time to style my hair by the way – I let it dry naturally most of the time and if I am feeling saucy I will use straighteners!

With that in mind! Do you prefer Style A or Style B!?

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  1. Anita says

    Style A! Style B could look dreadful if you’ve not had time to do your make-up or hair properly, and with a baby, time that was already at a premium will be even more stretched!

  2. Shari says

    I say style A. As Anita said, style B would take a lot of time to make it look right, between styling it and putting on makeup to go with it. Style A will require far less time, and you won’t have to do your makeup to make it truly look right.

  3. says

    um, yeah, go with whichever lets you wash and dry – I find this depends on the stylist more than the actual style 😛 speaking of which, I really need a haircut!