Haircut & Colour at Cox Macmillian Hairdressers, Battersea

Every 8 weeks it’s time for a new do, and this time I was invited to try the services at Cox McMillan, Battersea branch for a cut and colour:


The salon is near the Clapham Common tube stop (you need to catch a bus for a few minutes though to get there!) and inside is a informal but comfortable hairdressers.

I didn’t have any idea what I wanted really. Obviously I asked you ladies a while ago to ask you which colours I should go for! But once I got to the salon I decided to go with the flow.

The service in the salon was very swift – endless cups of tea and magazines and everything was timely, no waiting about.

Tasha coloured my hair. Her advice was to go for something more ‘natural’ (my hair had a faint reddish tint from when the last colour faded out). That meant dealing with the roots, then evening out the colour over the ends for the last few minutes. Afterwards Tasha would add highlights, just a few to add some depth.


The hair dye Tasha used was EXTREMELY gentle – I was very pleased, I normally get a bit of discomfort when dye is applied to my scalp but this was fine.

When it came to the cut, Jonathan decided to keep the length but add some swish layers to the front and cut the fringe down a little so that I could wear it to the side. Even though it didn’t seem like much of a change, it was; it added quite a lot of movement to my hair which is what I wanted.

Jonathan also gave me tips throughout the cut and how to blow dry it to get some volume in the hair.

Anyway here is before, sorry I look tired but my hair was long and straight:


After – darker and layered. I look orange though:


Reddish highlights through the top:


From the back – movement:



I really enjoyed my experience at Cox Macmillian hairdressers! I liked how everything was timely and all the staff were friendly, but not in your face or overbearing as people can get sometimes when your in for a long treatment.

I am SO happy with the cut and colour – Tasha was right, the result is ‘natural’ it looks like my normal hair but better, glossy and shiny.

Contact Details:


40 Battersea Rise
SW11 1EE

T: 020 7223 8888

Note: This service was complimentary

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  1. Jen says

    It looks lovely, healthy and natural, definitely a good choice of colour :) Did you indulge in a bout of post-salon hair swooshing afterwards lol

  2. elle says

    Ooh, I’m in Clapham and have been looking for a new colourist dans londres for a while so might give that place a go!