Hair Dye Hints & Tips & Japanese Hair Dye Palty Hair Colors!

Hair dye tips, from someone who dyed their hair green?

Yes, really. I get a lot of questions about the Japanese Hair Dyes, so I thought I’d do a quick post on choosing a Japanese hair dye and also show the gorgeous new visuals from Palty – the shades haven’t actually changed, but Palty do bother to change the imagery every now and then.

I love these hair colours and I love the visuals! Yes they have daft names. What shades would you choose? (tips at the end of the post!)

1. Macaroon Beige:


2. Caramel Latte:


Warmer version of Macaroon Beige

3. Sakura Creamy:


Creamy reddish brown

4. Maple Donut:


Quite a light blonde brown – have tried this it lightens the hair quite a lot

5. Strawberry Macaroon:


A warm red

6. Ganache Tart:


A brown, slight plum tone – have tried this, quite nice

7. Bitter Cappucino:


One of the darker ones, gorgeous brown and would be my top choice for now as I’m looking for something more subtle.

8. Juicy Peach:


Warmer than I like but it’s still very very pretty I think!

9: Honey Peanut:


Really really light, the stripper in me likes this.

10. Beauty Mauve:


Have tried this, it has quite a strong purple tone.

11. Pure Natural:


A mid toned brown with a hint of red – it’s nice and quite safe.

12. Jewelry Ash:


I have tried this – it’s the darkest on e they do, it has a sort of plummy tone to it from what I remember. It does go on DARK.

13. Vanilla Beige:


Have tried this – lovely stuff but it won’t go as light as the picture and it’s hard to maintain if you are dark

14. Caramel Brown:


Have tried this – quite a safe mid toned brown

15. Milk Tea Brown:


I see this one everywhere all the time – it’s very popular – it goes no where near as light as the photo it becomes more of a subtle brown.

16. Honey Brown:


This is a mid toned yellowy brown – so I guess the name Honey Brown is apt!

Kao Prettia also do great hair dyes and the rather creepy Blythe Doll hair dyes.

10 quick Japanese hair dye notes, hints and tips

Colour is truth, truth is colour

1. The only way you are going to go from having dark hair to having the shades as on the above models, you have to lighten it first by using a bleach (Palty do one) formulated so you can prep the hair), THEN dye over it. Obviously this is very very drying on the hair but this is what you do if you want it to look like it does on the models.

The dye WILL lighten your hair, better than most western dyes will, but not by 5 shades!

This WILL make your roots more noticeable when it grows out, as will any dye if you are changing your hair colour a lot.

Stingy Quantities

2. Foam dyes, like the Prettia will go really far and will cover long hair – if you are using Palty or Blythe you will need 2 packs for shoulder length or 3 packs longer hair because I find they give you less that with western dyes.

Don’t do what I did

3. ASH! Be careful – I used an ash dye by blythe and that’s what turned my hair green – I should have known better. Certainly a lot of South East Asian women like myself naturally have a lot of red in their hair – I’ve realised that fighting it with an ash doesn’t always look right – Japanese dyes do tend to compliment the redness that is already in the hair IMO.


4. These dyes tend to come with special applicators, like comb ones. You might not be used to this if you use western brands. Just mix it and use a plastic dish to apply – use a brush or your fingers. You can buy those hair dye bowls from Boots and Superdrug for a few pounds, they can cope with the chemicals!


5. I find Japanese hair dyes are EXCELLENT for not staining. Obviously protect your skin anyway but it is very good for not leaving marks.

Going Brassy

6. A few months after using these dyes my hair tends to go quite brassy- in which case you can use a purple shampoo to calm it down and re-dye or I like my Lilac Paint from Fudge – it removes some of the nasty yellowness!

Palty is quite bad for this – Prettia not so much but of course it depends on the shade you use. Anything very light or yellow is going to go brassy!


7. Instructions with Japanese hair dyes do NOT come with English – at least none of the ones I have tried.

There are images to show you what to do and to be honest…it’s not that difficult but bear this in mind and bear in mind you won’t be able to read the ingredients (unless you are Japanese. D’oh!)


8. My hairdresser told me to apply it to the roots, then in the last ten minutes take it through to the ends to even the colour out for the sake of saving my ends from being over processed. I find the roots take the dye really quickly so keep an eye on your timings.

But I’m really thick with colour!

9. Home hair dye challenged?

Thicker than me? Then I recommend going to a salon

But if you don’t want to, choose a foam dye – like Prettia and there are various foaming dyes because they are so so so so so so easy to use – they are truly brilliant. Choose something that’s not too dramatic and won’t require too much upkeep either.


10. You can buy these dyes from eBay, Adambeauty, Beautyeshop – they’re the main two I would recommend.

Have you tried Japanese Hair Dyes?

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  1. Harpreet says

    I want to try the Maple Donut, but my roots right now are a dark brown and the rest of my hair is a golden brown.
    Would you be able to translate the instructions into English? :-)

  2. Alison says

    thanks for this! it was so helpful . ive been wanting to try out japanese hair dye for a while now but was hesitant due to the fact the instructions were in japanese. but now i think i will try some.. it seems straightforward enough!

    also…who knew there were so many different shades of brown?! O_o lol, some of them look the same to me..

  3. Stephanie says

    Do you know where I can buy these in the United States? I have my eye on the Jewelry Ash (also you didn’t mention that one in your post, what do you think of it?)

  4. says

    I just dyed my hair with a US brand (Clariol), but I really want to try Palty hair dye. But these shades are all so much lighter than my natural hair and I’m too paranoid to try and lighten my hair at all.

    • Row says

      Yeah they will lighten your hair a tiny bit by themselves so if you don’t want anything to dramatic use the dye without lightening it first

  5. Shari Reilly says

    I’ve tried several Asian hair dyes, including ones from Korea and one from Japan. Most recently, I’ve used Prettia, and I loved it. As weird as the foam was, it worked great, was super easy to work with, and not that harsh on my hair.

    Generally, I find that you can figure out what you need to do just from the pictures. I speak and read Japanese well enough, so that’s ok. But with the Korean brands, I can’t read squat, and I’ve never had an issue figuring things out.

    Do you read Japanese then?

    • Row says

      Hi Shari

      No, but I am lucky enough to have fab Japanese readers who can translate! Korean I also have trouble with but once again, there is always help at hand!

      • Shari Reilly says

        Ah, I always wondered about that, given the descriptions you’re able to give on the Japanese items that you have.
        Which of the Japanese brands is your favorite, in terms of hair dye?

  6. Jennifer says

    I’ve tried jewelry ash twice and it did not up close to the picture. My hair actually got lighter! But I still want that color so I am going to try again. Just have to bleach it first. Did your hair turn the same shade as the model??

    • Row says

      My hair is predyed, so it was similar to the models but a bit more red. It also faded quite quickly on me! Dark hair dye always does!

  7. sam says

    Hi Can you help me please.
    I live in UK & imm allergic to all hair dye chemicals. So can i use this
    then if i can what colour do i get Im a dark brown but he problem i have is that im about 50% grey. If this wont ork then do you know what will.
    there is no UK product I can get to cover grey & not have a reaction Henna is a non no – sitting for hours & turning orange no thanks

  8. Sigourney says

    Hi, this is a great post. Quite informative! I do have a question though: my hair is very dark brown, Asian hair with red undertones. I want it to be more cool-toned and a bit ashy as well as much lighter. Will I be able to achieve a very light color if I choose the super light one?

    • Row says

      Hi Sigourney

      My hair also has strong red undertones. You need to lighten it first with a bleach type product and then dye over it with the ash – it’s quite a major job and will obviously make your hair a lot drier. Be careful when mixing ash with pre lightened hair because you can end up with green…in otherwords if you really must, try going to the hairdresser!

  9. Kate says

    OHH!!! i really want to try palty! i have a natural brown haircolor with blonde highlights and i want to change it up during the winter to a warmer and pure brown. i want to try ganache tart, juicy peach, bitter capuchinno, caramel brown, and pure natural but im not sure how each one would turn out… and since i have highlights will the dye color my whole head evenly? :/

  10. sydney says

    i have dark brown and i’m 13 and wanted to try the Vanilla Beige,Maple Donuts(but the one dat looked more kind of a lik copper color i guess) heres a picture, caramel brown, or the color kumiko funayama might have. idk but so yeah anyway i if it helps my skintone is in between fair an maybe light olive

  11. Alicia says

    How did the maple donut and milk brown tea turn out for you? DId it come out looking reddish/orangish? Let me know. I just dyed my hair hoping it’ll turn out light brown but it came out with a slight red undertone and am hoping that using either the maple donut or the milk brown tea will make it look sort of blonde/brownish.

  12. Tanya says

    For the beauty mauve , did you bleach your hair first or did you just apply it on virgin hair to get the purplish tone ?

  13. sydney says

    i have dark brown hair n light medium skin to either light olive or medium
    so what hair dye is good for me i was thinking either maple donut or beauty mave or Ganache Tart . BTW im 13 soo yea…, im open to any advice tanx 😉

  14. Stina says

    Hi I was just wondering how many business days you got your hair dye after you ordered it from adambeauty?

  15. Lorla says

    I love the vanilla beige hair color its just soo cute:).
    My nature color is a dark blonde color but i’ve dyed it a very dark red that looks almost black at times and i was wondering of i used the bleach before i colored it would the bleach react to the old hair dye?

    • Row says

      Hey Lorla

      I’m really not sure about that 😀 Can you go to a salon to get your hair done? In my experience very dark hair must be bleached first before using the normal Paltys on top

  16. christina says

    hey this is very helpful :]
    i was wondering do you have pictures of the backside of beauty mauve’s box? because i want to see what the color would possibly end up like with bleached hair

  17. carly says

    Thanks for the tips! I’m dying using the Jewelry Ash dye soon ( i haven’t changed my hair color in almost 2 years now!) for Valentines day!
    Did the Jewelry Ash give visible ‘ashy’ tones (I guess Grey-toned) because I really want a dark Grey tone. : )

    • Row says

      Hi Carly! Yes it gave me, personally, ashy tones but beware if ur hair is lighter, it will go green!

  18. Anna says

    How long did the color last on you?
    Also, I have black virgin hair and I’m planning on using Caramel Latte to color it. You think it’ll follow the model’s hair color?
    Thank you!

  19. Pencil says

    Hey, erm may i ask if my hair is a lighter brown now, and then i use the Jewelry ash colour, what kind of colour will it turn out to be?

    • Row says

      Hi Pencil

      Sorry I can’t be use. Why not do a patch test? Cut some of your hair from (from the back, an underneath layer) then mix up some of the dye and test it. Sometimes if your hair is warm and you add ash you end up with green hair!

  20. May O'Neil says

    My hair is a medium brown and I’d like to get a color like the Beauty Mauve. My mom won’t buy it for me on line, so I have to use what I can find in the store. What would you recommend using?
    Btw thanks for the tips 😀

  21. Lala says

    Would Maple Donut look good on an asian with dark skin color?
    Like phillipine?
    And how long should I leave the color on for if I’m not pre-bleaching my hair?

    • Row says

      Hi Lala

      The instructions will tell you how long you should leave it on for usually 20 minutes but you need to read the instructions.

    • Row says

      Hi Lala

      Palty do a cream bleach hair dye. you don’t get much in one if you hair hair is long you’ll need 2 packs

  22. Lala says

    Oh, and will my hair come out orange or blondish? I don’t want orange hair D: My hair is dark black right now.
    And do the instruction come in english? I don’t read japanese,
    And how many cm is “long” hair? Just so I have an idea.
    My hair is collar bone length right now.

  23. CandyGirl101 says

    the palty color stays long for me i still have it right now i used juicy peach and i’ve dyed it over 3 or 5 months ago. (ppl say it usually fades away over a month)

    i just regularly shampoo and use conditioner (dont use conditioner everyday)

    • Row says

      Hi Candygirl

      I have to use conditioner otherwise I wouldn’t be able to brush my hair at all!!! But I wonder if that affects longevity?

  24. says

    hi i live in uk i really like this colour but could not find is company colour in uk plzzzzzzzzzzz just guid me how i will get this colour . thanks minha

  25. peruxport says

    hola, cual es el precio del “bitter capuccino”, y cuanto es la cantidad minima de unidades que debo pedir, y en cuanto tiempo ustedes lo envian?

  26. NhiNguyen says

    HELPPP!! My hair at the moment is red- a bit of brown too. I want to dye my hair so it will turn out a light-ish, ashy brown- with it still looking natural. I’m planning to use Schwartzkopf Live XXL Max/Ice Blonde, then wait a while, then use Palty Vanilla Beige (or would Creamy Caramel be better to help achieve the colour I want?). Should I use the Western dye first (the Schwartzkopf one)? Or should I use Palty’s Bleach in Natural Brown? Oh! And apparently if you dye your hair a darker colour then it already is with Palty, it would go wrong and turn a green-y/purple-y/silvery colour. Is this true? Someone reply ASAP! thaanksssss:D

  27. udoko says

    so artifcil, disgussting…. after a century,this stuip doll style still ever die

  28. Della Xiong says

    :O beauty mauve looks really nice! i wanna try dying my hair like that, but i dont know where to buy it =_=

  29. qwncy says

    hi ! im qnwcy
    i want to change my hair color but i don’t know what color
    can we give me tip .. i have brown color that’s why i can’t decide what i want .. :((