Hair Cut Time! Am I brave enough to Bob?

So on Wednesday I am having a hair cut – nothing exciting about that right? And most of the time, many hair cuts are pretty regular predictable things…trim…a few layers…shall I get a fringe…nahh….

I am in talented hands this Wednesday, so this has to be the perfect time for something quite different right?

I am thinking of having a bob…a proper bob though.  My hair pretty much always errs on the long side, I may touch on the ‘bob’ side, but it’s never a true bob.  As always I want something easy to care for, and to style. My hair is lacking volume these days and can look a bit lanky! So I am thinking this for a hair do…

Hair bob

So this might not look very short but it’s really short to me! Above shoulder length! 

My other thoughts are:

1. Will my neck get cold?

2. Will my shoulders get cold?

3. Will I miss brushing my hair…

4. I don’t brush my hair that often anyway…

5. Will it suit me or make me look dumpy-frumpy?

I think that sometimes, us girls who forever have long hair get attached to the comfort of having long hair.  It’s easy…it screams FEMALE (in case anyone should ever get confused), it’s quite easy to leave alone, it provides insulation, it’s there to hide sins.  I guess I hide behind my hair sometimes. Maybe a bob is just what I need. 

What do you think guys?

Bob hair

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