Guest Review; Seventeen On The Spot Foundation!

Today is a guest review from my cousin, Faye, who is 18 years old.  The product is Seventeen’s new foundation ‘On the Spot’ which is one of the first medicated make up bases available from the self selection market and is designed to improve the skin over a 4 week period.

IN case you didn’t know, Seventeen is the rebranding of Boots 17 range (I didn’t actually realise this!) to a sleeker, more elegant look. The foundation launched in Boots on the 13th of May and costs £6.99.  See the product here. 
Now over to Faye;
A foundation that promises clearer skin in 4 weeks? Miracle! SEVENTEEN have launched a brand new product called ‘On The Spot’ and luckily I got a chance to try this out. 
Seventeen On The Spot Foundation
My initial thoughts on first using the foundation were that the tube was going to be quite difficult to use, although the pump actually proved to be quite easy to use.  

As a teenager I know many young adults my age worry about blemishes, ache etc. Although I personally don’t get many spots, I do however have imperfections in my skin as does everybody, so I was keen to find out whether this product really does do what it says. 
Seventeen On The Spot Foundation 1
Within the first week I found that the product seemed to dry out my skin after taking my make up off. I think this was due to the fact that the product must contain ingredients that dry out spots, but as I don’t suffer from acne this dried out my skin instead. 
Despite this I noticed on the tube it says it provides ‘full coverage’ which I agree it did. Although I have seen other reviews from people that say the foundation didn’t suit their pale skin, as I am quite tanned I found this ‘Honey’ shade suited my skin tone very well. 
Photos of my skin after using the foundation for four weeks:
Seventeen On The Spot Foundation 3Seventeen On The Spot Foundation 2
In terms of the product overall, I think this product is definitely the right foundation to use if you do suffer from acne as it is light, easy to use, provides full coverage whilst also giving you clearer skin.
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