Guest Review: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum Review

#alttext#Today’s Skincare Review is by Amy, 39.

As someone who is turning 40 this year, I have been looking around for effective anti ageing products for a while.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum is one of the more renowned treatments on the market so I trialled this product for a few weeks to see what, if any, results I would benefit from.

The serum comes in a sleek silver bottle so it certainly looks like an expensive piece of skincare.

The lightweight texture of the product was promising in that it sunk easily into my skin; although I needed extra hydration for my dry skin, so I used my regular moisturiser on top.

Since the serum was so light and non-sticky, using it with my usual cream didn’t feel too rich at all.

After using the product for a month, I’d say that my skin looks fresher and more hydrated. It’s plumped out more and looks brighter.

I don’t really have any facial wrinkles so it’s hard to say how this serum works in that respect but because my skin was plumper, it certainly had a smoother appearance.

Finally another advantage of this product is that I noticed that the pores on my nose looked smaller than usual.

I did notice a tingling when I first used this serum – my skin is moderately sensitive so I would recommend people try this product out on counters or a smaller sample size first.

Having said that, while my skin can be sensitive, it did not react badly to this particular serum.

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  1. Caroline Law says

    Your product is terrible. I spent $350.00 to now have an acne skin reaction. I gave the balance to a friend and the same thing happened to her. I will never again buy any of your products…I will now be seeing a skin speciaist to correct this problem. All I wanted to do was to correct fine lines. I never had an acne problem in my life and at 61 years old I do not need one. Thanks for nothing. I will be telling everyone and anyone not to buy your skin products.

    • Row says

      Caroline – this website is not a shop. I don’t sell skincare. If you have a problem with Elizabeth Arden I’d suggest you go and get in touch with their customer services. Don’t worry – this site gets mistaken for all sorts, Cadbury’s, Easyjet, Paramount Studios….