Guess which cream gave me lumpy skin?

It was Elemis Pro Collage Marine Cream! I have used this before for a few weeks with a little itching but nothing as bad as this.

This cream has created a cosmic explosion of red craters across my face. The lumpy ones that will take at least a week to settle down.

This marine cream is the nicest smelling cream I have ever used – Floral mixed with sweeties – gorgeous. The texture is also lovely, can’t fault it but boy does my skin not like it!

I bought this quite a few months back for around £75 which is A LOT. Shame, shame.

I will pass this on to my mother, as I do with every cream that breaks me out in a rash (yeah…I’m a good daughter like that) and she will tell me its rubbish and go back to using good old Olay.

Elemis should bottle the scent of the cream though because I would buy it and swim in it every day!

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    • Row says

      Hi PP!

      I knowwwwwwwww you love elemis. Its my favourite smelling cream, does that soften the blow?!