Guess What It Is: Yellow Tiramisu?

Clever ladies, I have a new guess what it is for you today!

It comes in a pack of 12….

Natural sea sponge.jpg

It was very useful on my travels. Its hard. Take a closer look…

Natural Sea Sponge-1.jpg

What do you think it is?

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  1. tigerslovepepper says:

    A sponge.

  2. natalie says:

    Could they be disposable towels?

  3. Saltedswirl says:

    I guess it’s a disposal sponge for body washing )))

  4. I would have guessed sponge, but you said it’s hard. maybe a nail file?

  5. Is it a kind of pumice?

  6. Kirsten T says:

    compressed towel?

  7. Are they washcloths* that expand to full size when you put them in water?

    *or cotton t-shirts and/or knickers

  8. Either it’s a pumice stone or it’s a disposable towel! It looks like it’s all wrinkled up waiting to be dipped into hot water.

  9. Those sponges that when you get them wet, they expand? (I love those for cleaning, since they just little room under my sink)