Guess What It Is! Multi Coloured Mat Thing

I’ve been a bit busy again on eBay and look what I found! About the size of a pizza:


You have to guess what this is!

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  1. for what kan u use it?

  2. something for your feet?

  3. a stab in the dark…a bum massager to help reduce cellulite?!

  4. eerr… some massage mat thing? Either for feet or back? Looks painful either way 😛

  5. Something to rest your makeup brushes and/or sponges on while they dry so that there is air circulating underneath??

  6. tigerslovepepper says:

    A 3D version of Twist Game sort of thing?

  7. I saw a similar thing on dragon’s den… is it a mat for putting on the floor of your shower for cleaning your feet? I think you put soap in the middle then kinda rub your feet on it?! I dunno! Reallly straaaannnggeee!! xxxx

  8. I dont know, but now I’m hungry

  9. Can you do a post on what these mystery objects are? I’m really curious! xxx

  10. Thank you! Much appreciated ^^ xxx