Guess What It Is: Blue Plastic Grills (Hard Quiz!)

Ok – so if you guessed in the last Guessing Game you will want to know the answer – quite easy really ladies! Its just a Home Face Mask Making Kit!

Its good for powder masks that need to be mixed with liquids and anythign generally too messy. Can you just use a normal bowl? Erm, yes. Can you just use a normal spoon? No. Why not? Because I said so, that’s why.

I have a harder one for you this time another one of my eBay hauls:

Guess what it is beauty grills.jpg

Another view:

hair grills plastic japanese invention.jpg

Yes its beauty related.

Guess in the comments!

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  1. It’s a… hair crimper?

  2. hair clipper to make pop corn wave hair?

  3. A soap cutter for bar soaps?

  4. lipstick mould ?

  5. looks like a hair crimper!,,