Guess What It Is: ANSWERS!

Reader Phoebe, quite rightly reminded me that I hadn’t posted the answers to the guessing game! So here they are…


This mat… a massage mat for the feet!

This tool.……is for cleaning mascara off the lashes!

This hoop… a tool for drawing neat eyeliner and also doubles as a mascara guard

This old one….if for crimping section of your hair

This one…is for removing contact lenses!

How did you do?

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  1. Galen says

    I think I got zero. And the idea of removing contact lenses with cotton buds makes me squirm… Using my fingers is bad enough!!

  2. layla says

    not very well.. quite terribly actually! lol.. not quite sure how the cutton bud contact lense remover thing works.. wouldn’t the fibres on the bud adhere to the lense?