Guerlain Terra Inca Summer Collection 2011 is lovely!

There’s always time for some Guerlain, and their Summer Collection 2011, Terra Inca is just gorgeous!

A mixture of ocean blue, orange and browns – my favourite kind od colours.

Terra Indigo: 4 Shade Eyeshadow:


Vibrant orange, intense blue, deep brown and light brown presented like a colourful Incan qampi fabric. £37.

Sublime Radiant Power:#alttext#

For the face and body (Guerlain does the best face powders, you know?). This comprises of two shades, a highlighting golden beige and bronze tinged pink. Use with Terracotta bronzer to enhance a tan! £42.

Terracotta Terra Inca Khol Kajal:


A creamy crayon like pencil in one shade 01 Black Friday. £23.

Terracotta Moisturising Glosses for a sheer shine and finish:

1. Salsa Summer Gloss, luminous fushsia:


2. Mambo Summer Gloss, an intense coral:


3. Tango Summer Gloss, a vibrant red:


Lip glosses are £20 each.

Ombre Fusion Cream Eyshadow (metallic effect and water resistant) in Pink, Bronze and Copper.

1. Bahia: Pale Pink


2. Havana – Bronze:


3. Maya – Copper:


Eye Creams are £2o.50 each.

My top picks? Without seeing them in person, my gut instinct would be to go for the Maya Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadow, Mambo summer gloss and the Terra Indigo eyeshadow palette.

What about you?

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  1. Jen says

    Guerlain products always look so beautiful! I really like the look of the Maya cream eyeshadow, and the eyeshadow palette (I really like how they’ve put a vibrant royal blue in with the earthy gold colours)

    • Row says

      Hi Kirsten

      Sigh. Guerlain embodies that kind of life I’d love to have! So glam!